Five Ways to Find the Best Business Hotels

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The United States is a nation perpetually on the go. We enjoy drive-thru convenience and carry the entire Internet around in our pockets via smartphones. We like finding the easy way, mostly because we work so hard in the quest for it. The same thing is true of traveling, especially when it comes to business trips.

The best business hotels are representative of that culture. From the hotel booking to the exclusive discount deals they can offer a weary traveler, these top hotels consider how they can deliver the best possible service with the most convenience. Then, they simply deliver it. Here are five quick facts to keep in mind when booking your next luxury business hotel reservations.

1. There are nearly 150 million travel bookings made in the U.S. every year.

That is a lot of traveling and a lot of resting up. Often, the purpose of business trips is to give some kind of pitch or important presentation, which means you need a good night sleep to fully recharge yourself before delivering it. The best business hotels know this, too, and that is why they offer all the amenities of home just for your unwinding needs.

2. U.S. hotels have an average of 239 reviews written about them online.

Considering how crucial a hotel is during a business trip, it pays to do your homework to find the right one. Reading reviews can alert you to any problems you otherwise would not be able to foresee before stepping foot into your hotel. Remember, you want the best business hotels you can find because they can provide you with the best rest you can get.

3. The average U.S. hotel books 66 percent of its vacancies every night.

That means on any given night, the best business hotels will only be two-thirds full. This is important information to know in case of any travel emergencies you might experience during your trip. Say you need to spend another night due to a missed or canceled flight. Say the clients liked you so much they want you to stick around a bit. No matter what, the best business hotels are designed to accommodate you.

4. Regular hotels are adequate, but luxury hotels go the extra mile.

Have you ever enjoyed a hot tub right inside your hotel room? Drank at an upscale hotel bar? Felt like you had enough space to actually breathe inside your room? Chances are, the answer is yes if you have ever stayed in the best business hotels in the nation. With better service and more accessibility in every room, these top hotels mean you get the top stay.

5. Need a little break from your routine? Get a suite.

The best business hotels available will offer special rooms steeped in luxury that you can book with ease. When a standard room just is not enough, when you need a little extra space for working or for unwinding, stay at a luxury hotel. Grab one of these special rooms to see what a difference they can make during your stay.

In an on-the-go culture, you need to get away the right away. When it comes to business trips, your hotel should be the place to do it. The best business hotels are waiting for you.

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