First Impressions Are Everything Using Power Wash Services To Make Your Parking Lot Sparkle

American roads are in a state of constant flux.

One day a street project is finally finished and opening up a road, the next day a pothole is created and in need of being patched. Poor road conditions are not just ugly to look at…they can be potentially hazardous. The only element more dangerous to the average driver than bad weather and vehicle negligence is a damaged road. Whether potholes that destroy the tire’s integrity or cracks that compromise turning, it’s the duty of civil engineers to stay one step ahead. Your business can keep this trend going by hiring your own services.

Here are a few services you can hire to keep your parking lot, nearby roads, and sidewalks as immaculate as possible.

Did You Know?

How often do you think about the state of your roads? If you answered ‘frequently’ or ‘sometimes’, you’re not alone. These answers are becoming more common as roads and bridges in the country reach worse states. A recent survey by The Road Information Program estimated roads with poor conditions cost drivers up to $400 per vehicle every year. Compare and contrast this to another study conducted in Sweden in which vehicles regularly driving on smooth roads use 10% less fuel on average. Better roads, in a short, are better for everybody.

Power Wash Services

Let’s start off with one of the more common resources you can tap into to keep your business looking good. Power wash services take the wear and tear out of manually removing trash and debris from your parking lot, with a much more polished finish to boot. You can use power wash services to cover the entire exterior, too, which extends to nearby sidewalks and walkways. Ongoing studies have only continued to stress the power of the first impression and how it pertains to your long-term growth as a business.

Concrete Maintenance

When you have a deeper problem that can’t be solved by a quick wash, concrete maintenance services are ready and waiting. Your typical compressive strength of concrete ranges between 3,000 and 7,000 psi, a powerful resource designed to last as long as possible. Concrete today is a mixture between 60% to 65% aggregate, including crushed stone, gravel, and sand. Another 15% to 20% is water and the rest cement. Back in 2017 the paving industry brought in an impressive $35 billion in revenue.

Sandblasting Services

If you want to kill two birds with one stone, consider asking an asphalt service about a mixture of sandblasting and sidewalk repair. Smoother pavement isn’t just prettier. It also extends a pavement’s lifespan by 10% to 25%. Today 30% of interstate highways in the United States are paved with concrete, with concrete mixtures proving much more durable and eco-friendly in the long run. Keeping this durability and longevity up is all a matter of regularly reaching out to an asphalt company.

Concrete Speed Bumps

Last, but not least, you need to think even further along the lines of practicality. Speed bumps are used to make sure people are driving safely and minding their surroundings. When a speed bump is cracked or degraded, you put everyone at a higher risk for a collision. The year 2017 saw the American paving industry employing nearly 285,000 people across 195,000 different businesses. Even if you don’t notice major structural damage to your lot or surrounding areas, asking for a consultation can put you in the clear.

American roads may not be in a good spot right now, but a little extra work with power wash services and seal coating will buff that right out.

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