Fire Alarms 5 Interesting Facts About them

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Usually when you hear of fires, you hear of fires that occur in hotels and apartment complexes. These fires seem to be the ones that make the news and catch our attention. It is true that business fires can be devastating, in fact fires occurring in hotels and motels account for 15 deaths per year, over 100 injuries and over 70 million dollars in property loss. This is one reason fire alarm services are vital for companies and buildings which hold many people at one time. Aside from traditional fire alarm services caring for your fire alarms, here are a few facts about fire alarms that you may or may not be aware of.

Different Types

Three main types of smoke detectors are used in order to sense fires and dangers in buildings. One type is smoke alarms that use optical or photoelectric sensing to detect fire dangers. Other types of alarms include ionization alarms which use radioactive elements to detect dangers from fire. Air sampling smoke alarms are also called aspirating fire alarms and go by ASD alarms.

Don’t Mess With It

There might be many reasons that would lead someone to mess with a smoke alarm, but there is one thing that should discourage you from it. Messing or tampering with a smoke alarm is a felony. This applies to homeowners as well as tenants, and includes simple acts such as simply removing the battery.

Location Matters

The location of your smoke alarm matters more than you think. Many times we remember seeing smoke alarms on the walls, so that leads many of us to believe that is the best option for placing them. This is not always the case. Because smoke rises, it is recommended that smoke alarms be installed on the ceiling this gives your smoke alarm the best option when it comes to detecting a fire and saving you and your family.

Monthly Checks

Monthly checks of your fire alarm is vital for the safety of you and your family. Test your fire alarms to make sure they are fully functioning and will work in the event of a fire. Test your alarms by holding the button to make sure the alarm sounds and is loud. Ensure that your smoke alarms can be heard from all levels of the house. If there is a spot that alarms cannot be heard adding another alarm is a wise choice.

Fire Alarm Inspections

Professional buildings usually have professional fire alarm installations and fire alarm services. Fire alarm repair services are usually performed by a fire protection company. These companies handle commercial fire safety equipment. Surveys show that less than half of all companies have an actual fire evacuation plan. Companies that handle fire alarm services usually can help with this as well.

Fire alarms are important for any building not just commercial buildings and businesses. Fire alarms are the single most important aspect when it comes to getting out quickly in the event of a fire. Fire alarm services help keep your fire alarm in proper working condition, but don’t forget the few things that you yourself can do to ensure that these tools properly do their job.

Did You Know

Majority of all houses and building have smoke alarms however more than 30% of all fire alarms could actually fail to function in the event of an actual fire. This is due to either faulty batteries, dead batteries or the age of the smoke alarm.

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