Finding a Sewer Repair Contractor Who Won’t Leave You in the Sewer

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If you’re a homeowner, chances are that, sooner or later, you’re going to deal with sewer problems. So how can you find the right plumbing company to help you with quality sewer repair? There are five questions you need to ask all prospective sewer repair contractors before you sign any contracts:

  1. Do You Offer Trenchless Sewer Repair?

    There’s really no need to dig up your entire yard to do a repair these days, so you shouldn’t settle for anything but trenchless sewer repair. This can be accomplished in one of two ways (either pipe bursting or the installation of a Perma Liner or other cured-in-place-pipe technique), but the important part is that your home and landscaping should stay intact.

  2. Can I See Your License/Proof of Insurance?

    Never assume that a sewer repair contractor is licensed; all too many plumbers operate without the proper training and paperwork. You should also ensure the contractor is insured — you don’t want to be on the hook if something is damaged or someone is hurt. This is a good time to ask about warranties or guarantees, too.

  3. Is This Quote an Hourly or Flat Rate?

    Both flat and hourly rates are acceptable, but you should know what you’re getting into. Many contractors will end up charging you an amount far above the initial quote because of “unforeseen circumstances,” and it’s hard to argue when your water is shut off or your sewer drainage isn’t working. If you want to eliminate as many surprises as possible, ask for a sewer camera inspection prior to getting a quote.

  4. Will You Provide Me With References?

    The sewer repair contractor you end up hiring should be prepared to provide you with several references from homeowners in your area. Keep in mind that these should be references you can actually check, not just endorsements on a website that could have come from anyone.

  5. Who Will Handle the Cleanup?

    The good news is that trenchless sewer repairs require far less cleanup than the conventional excavation used in the past. But you’ll still want to make sure that the contractor you hire will clean up before the crew totally clears out.

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