Finding a Gulfstream Charter Plane to Fly On

There are many ways for today’s tourists and business professionals to travel, from taxis and buses all the way to trains, but a very popular way to get around is by means of an executive jet on a chartered flight, and airplanes offer a number of advantages for travel that land-based vehicles such as buses and trains cannot offer. A Gulfstream charter plane, for example, may be appealing to those who want to charter a jet, and if someone can find a Gulfstream charter plane going where they want for a fair price, they can enjoy the perks of airplane flight in general, and statistics show that among Americans today, private jets are very popular and for good reasons. What can someone on board a Gulfstream charter plane or other chartered flight expect during their travels, and what are some guidelines for buying one’s own executive private jet?

Who Flies?

Air travel is massively popular in the United States today, and not just from commercial flights on airliners. Private jets are popular among those who can afford them, and as of 2011, a few years back, around 11,261 private jets were registered among American owners, and that number may be even higher today, and there are plenty of airports, landing strips, and hangars around the country for big and small jets and aircraft alike. But why fly? Many of those who get on board a Gulfstream charter plane, for example, are doing so because it is very convenient and comfortable for business travel. Many companies send their employees for business travel to meet clients, attend meetings in person, and other activities, and chartering a jet is great way for these business professionals to not only get somewhere fast, but get work done during the flight. In a 2009 survey, respondents said that they were 20% more productive while on board a company aircraft as opposed to working in the office. This may be because an office is a distracting and noisy place, while a jet’s interior is quiet and relaxed, and for similar reasons, many business professionals today choose to work remotely and use virtual offices. Finally, both tourists and business professionals may take chartered flights because aircraft can go over terrain that blocks other transport such as mountains or seas. Someone traveling from Tokyo to Seoul for business, for example, could not possibly take a bus across the Sea of Japan, but they could take a chartered flight.

Getting a Jet

Those wishing to fly can either charter a flight, such as a Gulfstream charter plane, or even buy one for themselves. Finding a charter may be relatively easy for business professionals, since the company itself will probably handle the work of finding an open jet for a fair price. Meanwhile, buying a jet means knowing what to look for. A new jet, for example, will be the most expensive option in general but offers advantages such as a a warranty, luxury and features inside the jet, and modern standards of fuel efficiency, speed, and safety and communication features. A used jet can be bought for a greatly discounted price in exchange for needing to look over the jet first. A used jet should have its flight logs examined, and the vehicle should be inspected for any wear and tear on anything from the wheels to the engines to the paint job, and major repair issues could break a deal. The buyer should also check in what conditions the jet was stored until now (drier is better). Older jets may not quite have modern standards of power and efficiency, but they may be adequate for someone’s needs.

The owner of a private jet can not only fly it when they need to, but make it available for others to get a charted flight on. This can be done during months or weeks when the owner will not need the jet themselves, and while doing so will probably not turn over a huge profit, lending a jet for chartered flights can help cover costs of fuel, maintenance, and paying the pilot and other crew members. This can make it a great deal for everyone involved.

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