Faulty Seals on Restaurant Coolers May Be Costing Thousands

Chimney exhaust fan

In busy commercial and restaurant kitchens that have a high production rate, one of the biggest problems to conquer is overheating: stoves and large ovens can run at temperatures up to 800 degrees, and there is a continual need to keep staff cool and comfortable as well as to vent excess heat and smoke away from the kitchen itself.

Another issue that affects commercial kitchens is the necessity to stay within budget for the refrigerated coolers and freezers that are a requirement for storing food until it is time to cook and serve it to customers: broken fans and inefficient thermostats can cost a profitable kitchen many thousands of dollars every year.

Many restaurants choose to install a commercial chimney fan or other centrally-located duct fans in order to achieve desired levels of ventilation. Experts recommend combining centralized exhaust fans with an “on-demand” control system that allows restaurant owners to regulate temperature digitally.

These centrally-regulated systems that control both exhaust fan systems and temperature are reported to save up to 50% of the cost of operation and a contractor should be able to integrate them into new systems or adapt them to older commercial centrifugal fans.

Some commercial and restaurant owners are contracting with experts to give their facilities a makeover, looking for small areas where they may be losing money. The improper mounting of exhaust fans, too many closed ducts, or faulty seals on freezers may all be contributing factors to a high cooling bill that seems to have no explanation.

A commercial chimney fan or any other exhaust system is only as good as its installation — and later, its maintenance — allows it to be. Contracting with reputable companies with appropriate commercial installation experience seems to be the best way to proceed. Keeping establishments scrupulously clean and also looking for small ways to save money might be the best ways that a commercial kitchen can save money on their cooling bills.

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