Employee Turnover Is An Expensive Problem How Staffing Agencies Can Help You Find The Right People

Staffing your business can seem an outright impossible endeavor.

You have to navigate a marketplace that’s saturated with applicants and languishing in false advertisements. Your requirements are specific and, no matter how many times you cast a net, you just can’t seem to reel in people who stay for the long-term. How can you push back against employee turnover? You reach out to staffing agencies that know all the squalls of this proverbial ocean. From helping you find qualified hires to implementing long-term strategies in the foundation of your business, staffing agencies in Arlington have you covered.

Businesses are tired of hiring people. Here’s what you should know about employment agencies.

Contrary to popular belief, a job agency doesn’t just find people for you. They help you learn about your particular marketplace and keep you from wasting your time. There are many workers out there eager for part-time or full-time work, but only so many hours in the day to get them where they need to be. A lot of businesses today are deeply frustrated with employees that don’t perform to expectations or leave prematurely. In fact, these are among the most common elements that keep a hire from becoming a success story.

Employee turnover is a term you likely already know about. Used to describe the act of an employee leaving a business or company prematurely, this is one of the biggest struggles seen in the job market today. It’s estimated as much as $11 billion is lost every year to employee turnover alone. One study even found 20% of hires will leave their jobs within a month and a half of being hired! How can you possibly stand up to statistics that pretty much guarantee you’ll be wasting your time?

Businesses everywhere are chiming in with similar concerns, cementing the ongoing need for staffing agencies and the unique expertise they offer. One study resulted in 60% of organizations viewing employee retention as a huge problem. Another study, this time asking human resources professionals, saw 45% of respondents stating retention to be their biggest concern. This beats out even challenges like digital marketing. Job agencies could very well be your biggest defense against lost time and lost money.

It takes time to train an employee up to your business’s standards. You have to make sure they know what they’re doing, get along with the rest of the workforce, and bring their A-game on a weekly basis. The costs of employee turnover range between 30% and 150% of just one worker’s salary. Getting workers to stick around for the long-term is a combination of daily incentive and improved social relations programs. Opportunities for employment are a journey rather than a destination.

To staff your business properly means to change how your company works from the inside out. A recent study found 85% of companies with employee recognition programs in place (such as Employee Of The Month) cited a notable increase in worker happiness. An improved on-boarding program will also help workers situate themselves earlier and feel like they’re part of the company. New hires part of a structured training program are up to 60% more likely to be with the company after three years. If this all sounds too good to be true, you haven’t hired staffing agencies.

Take the bite out of the search process. Reach out to a recruitment agency interested in your business’s success.

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