Does Your Small Business Struggle to Meet Payroll Obligations?

Many of us live beyond our means. Through the use of credit cards and company provided financing allows us to have the houses where we live and the cars that we drive, as well as the vacations that we all enjoy, Americans are actually very engulfed in the process of living beyond our own means. What we may not know, however, is that there are also many companies that have to live within a network that allows them to operate beyond their financial limitations as well.

With the use of capital credit factoring and other kinds of business factoring services, many businesses are able to meet their own financial obligations while they are waiting for their own customers to make payments.

Load Factoring Companies Offer a Number of Advantages to Trucking Companies

Whether you are the owner of a small boutique who is trying to find a way to afford to order items for the Christmas holiday or you are working to make sure that you can find a way to deliver a large order to a customer across the country, it is often essential to get access to short term money several times in during the course of the year. Fortunately, capital credit factoring is an option that provides this financing.

Consider some of these facts and figures about the many times when advance business capital factoring options can serve as a major advantage:

  • As many as 12 million trucks, locomotives, rail cars, and vessels move goods over the transportation network. Many of the companies rely on freight factoring services to meet their financial obligations.
  • Approximately 5.9 million commercial motor vehicle drivers operate in America, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.
  • There are nearly 28 million small businesses in the U.S., and many of them rely on creative financing options to remain successful
  • Invoice factoring is a type of accounts receivable financing that converts outstanding invoices due within 90 days into immediate cash for a small business.
  • The factor advances most of the invoice amount, which typically amounts to 70% to 90%, after checking out the credit-worthiness of the billed customer. When the bill is paid, the factor remits the balance, minus a transaction, also known as a factoring, fee, according to a recent article by the Wall Street Journal.
  • Factoring companies can help even small businesses bridge invoice payment gaps with upfront payments up to 90% of the original invoice.

Capital credit factoring is to businesses as credit cards and short term personal loans are to individuals. In a time when it is important to make sure that you have access to the immediate cash that is needed. Whether you are an individual or a business owner.

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