Documentation for the Repair of Above-Ground Tanks

Fertilizer tanks

Above-Ground Tank Documentation

The American Petroleum Institute has put out a legal document for API 653 Tank Inspection Repair Alteration and Reconstruction. This document goes over general considerations for, as might be guessed, repair and other work that might be done to above ground steel storage tanks, such as liquid fertilizer tanks. As these tanks can often contain hazardous materials, standards are necessary to maintain the safety of all involved. This document is part of a goal to reduce spills and leaks, such as the 2015 Yakima River Spill. On March 2nd, 2015, at least 1,500 gallons of used oil leaked from a crack in an above-ground storage container into the Yakima River, covering many fowl in oil and endangering the local flora and fauna. Considerations such as previous material film, inspection of corrosion areas, and the proper repair of cracks are all discussed. Tanks constructed on site, known as field-erected tanks, are also discussed.

Repair and Reconstruction of Above-Ground Tanks

When repair is necessary on an above ground tank, such as in cases of age or natural disaster, guidelines and warnings are listed. Natural disaster is considered when constructing these tanks because they are often damaged by these incidences. Complete reconstruction of the tanks is mentioned, often reconstruction is undertaken because of the age of the tank or to align with new safety guidelines. The API 653 Tank Inspection Repair Alteration and Reconstruction document should be followed and referred to in all cases of above-ground tanks meeting its specifications.

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