Do You Have a Son or Daughter Who Shows Interest in Engineering and Mechanics?

Creativity and generosity make for a great combination. When you realized that your teenage son had taken what he knew about machines from working in the shop with his father on final drive motors for IHIS with the skills that he had for working with robots, you wondered what he was up to. In the end, however, you realize that you should not have been surprised that your son and his friends had used their combined creativity and generosity to help a community family. This particular family had adopted not one, but two, special needs children and often found it difficult to afford some of the powered items that could make life easier.

As a result of your son’s knowledge of Final drive motors for IHIS he actually had learned many basics about motion and energy. Along with his friends and their school robotic team, the boys somewhat prided themselves in being able to fix almost anything mechanical. When one of the friends said that he was going over to his neighbor’s to help with a motorized wheelchair, the whole group decided to go. One thing led to another and before long the boys had decided to create a new and improved, and in their opinion more cool, transportation option. The process was fun, the teenage boys learned a lot, and the family of the two special needs children were beyond grateful.
Mechanical and Engineering Skills Easily Translate from One Field to Another

In the year 2017 alone, it was expected that nearly 809,000 construction machines would be sold across the globe. For every one of the machines is a team of engineers and mechanics who have to know the ins and out of making sure that their investment is effective. As a result, there are many engineers and mechanics who plan for how final drive motors are used, but there are also just as many in shop mechanics and users who end up using these machines for even more purposes than was ever imagined. The construction equipment industry is expected to grow 12% from 2016 to 2026, but some of this growth may be in unexpected areas. As creative sold continue to push the limits of the machines that they purchase or use, it should come as no surprise that there will be others outside the construction industry who will also benefit.

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