DIY Sink Drain Cleaning and Unclogging – DIY Projects for Home


Add warm water to the sink. The warm water melts grease stuck in the drain. It also softens any solids, allowing them to go down easier.

If hot water isn’t enough to help, then you can try baking soda along with vinegar. In the beginning, you should pour one cup baking soda down the drain. After that, you can add 2 glasses of vinegar. In order to finish then, add hot water down the drain to remove any residue.

If neither of the previous solutions clears the blockage the issue, you can try trying to remove the obstruction. You can do this using the help of a plumber’s snake or a hanger constructed of steel, wire or another similar-shaped product. Rinse the sink in hot water when you are completed.

Additionally, get rid of the draining pipe under the sink to check for any objects. To pinpoint the root of obstruction, utilize a thick and lengthy snake to look at the drains.

Even though these strategies may be employed to remove many obstructions, a plumbing professional will still need assist if your faucet isn’t draining properly.


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