Design Effective Going Out of Business Signs With These Three Easy Tips

Business sign

If you’ve finally decided to close your business the first thing you should do is start advertising — a lot. People love liquidation sales, but they actually have to know that they’re happening before they can take advantage of them. One of the best ways to do this is to advertise using signs, since they are some of the most noticeable forms of advertising especially if they’re located on the premises. Here are three things to consider when you’re designing going out of business signs.

The Right Message
This seems easy enough, but remember to keep it simple. use buzzwords or phrases like sale, liquidation, going out of business, and everything must go. Try putting the percentages of the sales you’re having right on the signs, like “50% off.” Advertise what you’re selling to help draw people in.

The Right Colors
Part of business sign designs that work well is the colors that are chosen for it. You may have used more muted colors and combinations for previous custom signs, but these are going to have to be different. Use loud and eye catching colors like red, yellow, or orange to attract more attention.

The Right Size
When it comes to signs, size matters. About one inch of letter height translates to about 10 feet of viewing distance, so the taller the letters on a sign are, the farther away people will be able to read it from. This is going to be your last advertising effort and will help determine how much money you’re going to be able to make from liquidating all of your merchandise and fixtures. Make it count.

Designing going out of business signs is actually a little more complicated than it seems. You have to make sure that you’re using the right messages, colors, and sizing to make sure that you make the most of your last sale.

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