De-Clutter Your Junk Drawer With Binders!

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Every single household has a junk drawer that accumulates endless amounts of cords, papers, receipts, pens… the list goes on. If your family is sick of the clutter this junk drawer creates, we have the perfect solution to get it all organized. Our best solution? 3 ring binders can be used to sort and file almost anything. Don’t believe us? Read below. You may want to stock up and purchase some bulk 3 ring binders for all of your organization needs. Check out these three ways that binders can become your organizational saving grace.

  1. Hardware Binder
    How have you been storing your electronic accessories? If you are throwing everything in a box or junk drawer, it will just lead to a frustrating, tangled mess. Grab a big D ring binder and start organizing all of your electronic cords and hardware. All you need is the binder and those big gallon sized zip locking plastic baggies.
    The first step? Punch small holes in the side that line up with the rings. Next, neatly wrap up your cords and put them in the plastic bags. The next step is up to you; how will you divide everything up? You can organize by electronic type, by function, or however you see fit. Now you have your electronic accessories filed away in a sturdy binder and your cords will not get tangled!
  2. Coupon and Receipts Binder
    If your junk drawer is littered with receipts and coupons that you swear you might need someday, use small 3 ring binders to get them all in line. You will never lose track of them again if they are all neatly filed away. For this project, all you will need is some small 3 ring binders, binder sleeves, and perhaps some numbered dividers. Sliding each paper in a transparent binder sleeve provides easy visibility in an exceptionally organized manner. You can easily find just what you are looking for exactly when you need it with this easy DIY task.
  3. Instruction Manual Binder
    Every time you receive a new gadget or appliance, you get one of those instruction manuals that end up getting tossed in the junk drawer. Those manuals are definitely important so you can’t bear to throw them away, however, they’re just taking up valuable storage space. Once again, small 3 ring binders can come to your rescue. A 5 x 8 3 ring binder might be perfect for this project since manuals are usually pretty small.
    Just like organizing all of your receipts and papers, you can use a binder and binder sleeves to expertly file away all of your manuals. Instead of having to purchase binder sleeves, you can simply punch holes right through the corners of the manual’s corners and clip the binder rings around them. This is a simple one-step project that will de-clutter your life and save you the headaches of searching for the instruction manual the next time the microwave is on the fritz.

What other ways does your family use binders? Leave a comment below!

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