Customer Retention is the Key to Business Success

Mention the term “call center” and most people will think of cheesy boiler room operations of days past. Most calls placed currently go to voice mail, and phone calls have given way to texts, chatbots and emails.

That being said, phone calls still have their place in business. Phone calls are still very much a part of the sales cycle: approximately $1 trillion in consumer spending is influenced in part by calls placed to businesses. In other words, the inbound sales call is alive and well.

Enter The Call Center

Anyone who has placed a call to a utility company or other large enterprise has in no doubt interacted with someone in a customer call center setting. While people’s experiences are mixed, the call center is still the standard for inbound sales calls. A dedicated marketing call center, staffed by knowledgeable employees may be the key to customer retention for your business.

Unlike an outbound call center where calls are placed to existing and prospective customers, inbound sales calls take place when the customer contacts your business for assistance. They may be calling with a question or to learn more about one of your products. If the call center agent is skilled and knowledgeable about your product, customers are more likely to have a favorable view of their experience, and more importantly, of your business.

Unlike outbound sales calls, inbound sales calls take place under less structured circumstances, and arise from their interactions with your call center agent.

An inbound sales call center could be the competitive edge you need in today’s hyper-competitive business climate. Inbound sales call centers lend a personalized touch to customers who may be more used to interacting by email and chatbots. Customers who are put off by chatbots and emails may be more inclined to stick with your brand based on their interactions with a staff of well-trained call center agents who are well-versed in your products.

Today’s business climate demands an innovative approach to customer engagement and retention. The humble telephone may be the key to your business success. What’s old is new again.

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