Crane Pads Made of Engineerred Thermopastic are Strong, Safe and Reliable

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If you work with cranes, in the electrical utility industry, government, military or mining, you know the importance of good quality, reliable crane pads and outrigger pads. In fact the OSHA rules that cover the assembly of cranes specify not only the kind of ground but also the supporting materials which include pads. Crane pads and outrigger pads made from engineered thermoplastic are strong and flexible, fit better and offer and a better alternative to wood and steel.

Safety is the first concern

Crane safety is of the foremost concern to operators and managers. Bureau of Labor Statistics show that between 1997 and 2006, there were on average 82 crane-related fatalities every year. To prevent such accidents, the OSHA has put in place rules for the operation of cranes.

OSHA rules specify that the ground on which cranes are assembled should be firm, drained and sufficiently graded. Supporting materials such as blocking, cribbing, pads and mats should be used for adequate support and level ground. Supporting materials include outrigger pads, ground mats, crane mats and crane pads.

What to look for in crane pads: safety, strength and reliability

Crane pads should be properly fitted, strong and flexible. They are commonly made of steel, wood or engineered thermoplastic. When selecting an outrigger pad or crane pad, the factors to be considered are the condition of the ground, size of the foot, and the load of equipment.

Steel crane pads are strong
, but not flexible. Steel is very heavy, and wood pads are not very stable. Crane and outrigger pads made from engineered thermoplastic material are seven times lighter than steel, four times lighter than aluminum and as strong as steel. They are flexible, allowing for a good fit in varying ground conditions. The plastic used is very dense and strong.

When safety is the first concern, it is important to find crane pads and outrigger pads that are strong, reliable and fit well. Crane pads made from engineered thermoplastic fit the needs.

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