Considering Marquee Signs for Schools? Follow These Three Tips Before Installation

For most schools, finding a way to convey information about events, holidays, upcoming sports games, and fundraisers can be a challenge. Sending notes home with students is impractical. There’s no guarantee that their parents will receive them in the first place. So how do you convey information to students and their families without increasing your overhead costs? Marquee signs for schools offer a convenient way to share information without significantly increasing overhead costs. Here are a few things to consider when thinking about installing a school marquee sign.

Think About Placement

The point of marquee signs for schools is to convey important information to students and parents. Placement of the sign itself can make all the difference in making sure that information is seen. Ideally, the sign should be placed near the front of the school where kids get dropped off and picked up each day. This way, the sign is visible to everyone anytime they drive past the entrance. Place the sign close to the sidewalk and curb so the information can be read from the street easily.

Choose the Right Lights

Lighting conditions change throughout the day. The easiest way to make sure that marquee signs for schools are visible and easy to read regardless of the time of day is to make sure they’re backlit. While regular bulbs are effective, choosing LED bulbs may help your bottom line. LED bulbs require less energy and last far longer than standard incandescent bulbs. And with LEDs estimated to become more than 53 percent of the global lighting market in 2019, you’re sure to have a variety of choices both in colors and wattage year after year.

Go For Colors

Digital signs for schools are a wonderful way to make a statement, but it’s still helpful to choose the right colors for the display. White LEDs may be effective, but they’re not always as eye-catching as you’d like. Make sure your sign has the necessary bulbs to represent your school colors. Remember, marquee signs are only effective if people read the messages they display. Colors are the easiest way to draw attention to the sign.

Looking for a way to improve your school’s messaging system to keep students and parents up-to-date on the latest happenings? Marquee signs for schools make it easy and fun. Install a scrolling marquee sign and see the difference it can make for your school!

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