Considerations for those thinking about Portable Rental Air Conditioners

There are many things that can affect the productivity of your employees. One of those things is the heat. Being too cold can cause hypothermia, which is when the body temperature gets below 95 degrees, and being too hot can cause your body to overheat resulting in either heat cramps, heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Heat can be combated in a variety of ways, when there is no source of air conditioning. One of these ways with with temporary cooling with the help of a rental air conditioner unit. Portable air conditioner rentals help cool off spaces temporarily, and are returned once the job is done or they are no longer needed. Temporary heating for construction sites and other places which don’t have adequate heating help the same as temporary cooling. This article discusses the benefits of rental air conditioner units and how they can help. Read below for a list of things to consider before choosing a rental air conditioner for your job site.


The price that you may pay for a rental air conditioner could vary greatly depending on who you choose to get it from. This can range from very expensive to incredibly cheap. It is important to remember that the cheapest may not be the best option for keeping you cool. The most expensive may not be best option either. Sometimes you get what you pay for and other times you think you are getting quality when you are actually wasting money. Determine which company offers the best product for the price. Determine which company offers the products that you need for the best price.


You want to make sure that the noise level of your portable air conditioner unit is acceptable. There is nothing worse than not being able to talk because the noise of the portable air conditioning unit you have chosen. Ask the provider about the noise level. Ask whether they offer different types of units which are quieter than others. You shouldn’t have to find a unit that mimics a freight train in order to stay cool.

Keeping employees cool can improve productivity throughout the workplace. A Cornell University study revealed that productivity is at it’s peak when the temperature is just above 71 degrees. Choosing a rental air conditioner to help cool your work space increases productivity while helping to keep employees cool and comfortable and ward off dangers associated with overheating. Consider these points when choosing a portable rental unit for your employees.

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