Consider The Temp Agency And Job Retention Rates In The United States

If you’re a young person working here in the United States, it’s possible that you’re very aware of the benefits of working with a temp agency. And even if you aren’t currently aware of the benefits of working with a temp agency, you might be interested in discovering these benefits. But the benefits of working with a temp agency don’t apply to just individual people seeking work, but to companies and even corporations who can reap the benefits of working with a temp agency to fill empty positions in their work places, sometimes all throughout the country as a whole.

After all, job retention is a concerning thing for many people in the workforce of the United States and has even become the number one priority and concern for more than 45% of all Human Resources professionals here in the United States (around 46% of them, to be just a little bit more exact). Job retention is such a significant problem that it is only followed closely by the concern of employee engagement, something that often goes hand in hand with the job retention rates a company sees quite a lot of the time – if not even just all of the time, at that.

And the statistics that have been gathered on the subject of job retention very much show this concern to be a wholly justified one. After all, millennials have become known as the job hopping generation, with more than half of them ready to leave their jobs for a new and better one as soon as a new and better one is secured. In addition to this, more than 20% of people who have been hired for any given position will actually leave that position less than two months after beginning it, after an average of only just 45 days.

For many companies and places of business, this leaves a huge gap in their workforce, one that, when filled quickly, is likely to only continue to generate the very same problem. Fortunately, this is one of the many benefits of working with a temp agency or a staffing agency. These temporary agencies currently put as many as three million people out into the workforce of the United States alone, meaning that one of the benefits of working with a temp agency is the ability to fill a necessary position quickly. But as temp jobs are just that – temporary – it is far from a big deal if the employee in question doesn’t end up working out. And another one of the many benefits of working with a temp agency is that sometimes companies find a good fit and are actually able to make permanent hires of someone who was originally only working through one of the many temp agencies in this country.

But while the benefits of working with a temp agency are certainly vast, to say the least, companies should also be taking steps to make their workplace environment a better place to be, something that can improve rates of employee retention quite significantly. For instance, employee engagement is one of the most concerning things about the modern workplace here in the United States. Fortunately, instituting an employee recognition program of some nature has been found to be quite widely and even wildly successful, with as many as 86% of all companies that have put such programs into place reporting positive results in terms of overall employee satisfaction. And when employee satisfaction goes up, so do rates of job retention – and so even does the quality of the end product of employee work.

In addition to this, thorough training is a must. When employees aren’t thoroughly trained, after all, it opens the door to confusion and dissatisfaction in any given workplace, no matter what the industry of work. Simply employing and instituting a thorough and comprehensive on boarding process will allow any given place of work to increase overall employee retention significantly, to say the least, and is something that every place of work can benefit from in the long run.

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