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  • Buying a Home Can be an Exciting Time

    Buying a home in some price ranges in some parts of the country can be a definite challenge. Knowing, for instance, that homes in the $220,000 to $250,000 price range sell in a day or two means that the use of comparative market analysis (CMA) becomes very important. In fact, CMA software for realtors can […]

  • How The Productivity Of Real Estate In The United States Can Be Increased

    Here in the United States, real estate is always changing. From the people who are buying homes to the places these homes are bought to even the reason that homes are bought is always evolving, and it can be difficult for the typical real estate agent to actively keep up with. Fortunately, the use of […]

  • Why Your Real Estate Agency Should Look into CMA Software

    The American Dream used to include the white picket fence surrounding a home, but in 2016, the homeownership rate fell to the lowest rate seen in 50 years. However, as millennials and Gen Yers get older, the housing market seems poised to go up. In 2017, they made up almost 35% of home buyers, and […]