Caregiving The Job That Is a Ray of Sunshine

“Time marches on!” This memorable phrase has been quoted over and over, giving credence to its true meaning as well as its impact. We have all heard this phrase and it means something different to each of us.

For some of us, life unfurls at a natural, sunny pace. Things seem to flow along just as they should and everything is fine with the world. And then, for others of us, there are challenges and speed bumps in the road. These are the experiences which we manage, the experiences which we rise to, while their appearance contributes to making the “flow” of life a bit different for us.

When a situation occurs that merits special assistance, such as help with foster care, or adult day care or autism services, it is imperative to reach out to the social services in the community. Let’s look at a few areas where special assistance, such as with foster care or hiring a caregiver, might be necessary.

In terms of our overall citizenry, the elderly are really one of the most vulnerable segments of our population. The population of elderly in the U.S. is growing at a highly rapid rate, with the percentage of people aged 65 or over by 2030 estimated to be at about 20%.

The statistics show how much need there is for caregivers or help with foster care, elderly care or home health aides for seniors: emergency rooms treat an older adult for a fall every 11 seconds. These numbers will only rise as the number of older Americans increases with time.

At the other end of the age curve, let’s look at children, who are also one of the most vulnerable segments of our population. This is an area where help with foster care is greatly needed. In Alaska, for instance, 6.22% of all students have a learning disability, and the total number of special needs program students in Alaska schools totals 13.4%.

The beginning of the Easter Seals campaign, which is a charity for children who are disabled, attempted to raise awareness of the need for assistance and help with foster care as well as disability services. The Easter Seals started 99 years ago to provide support and aid to the families of disabled children. And the need is still very strong today, although wonderful progress has been made.

In the midst of all these situations, we find many a ray of hope and sunshine. One of those rays of hope and of sunshine is the person who fills the role of caregiver in the life of one who may be challenged or disabled.

Perhaps this individual is in need of personal care services, senior services or even veteran services. A caregiver does it all, and is there for the individual they are assisting with dignity and with professionalism. They truly deserve respect and admiration, for every day they are living the golden rule: “Do unto others.”

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