Blister Packaging is Growing in Popularity – and For Good Reason!

Clinical storage and distribution

When it comes to packaging, there are several different options. Many products on the market employ simple packaging techniques, using cardboard or plastic. When it comes to medication, the simplest methods just won?t cut it. You deserve a packaging solution of the highest standard. To keep drugs sterile and safe, many pharmaceutical companies use blister packaging for their products instead of the old fashioned bottle packaging designs. Because of this, the popularity of medical blister packaging has greatly increased and will continue to grow. Reports say pharmaceutical blister packaging is projected to see a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of approximately 7.23 between the period of 2015 to 2019.
What is medical blister packaging exactly? Think of the way a blister forms on your skin: the dome protects what?s inside. Distinguished by a plastic cavity designed to encase and protect the medication, blister packaging ensures that each pill is divided by dosage. The cavity, made by formable web, also keeps the medication sterile and secure. With medical blister packaging, you can easily tell when the product has been tampered with.
There are several different types of medical blister packaging. The most common is the plastic dome backed by paper and foil. Consumers can easily pop out the pill they need without hassle. Some manufacturers choose a carded design, where the blister package is accompanied with an informational card containing the medication information. They can also be made from vinyl for a fully customizable design. Pharmaceutical companies can take full advantage of the many color and printing options to brand their packages as they see fit. Not only is this beneficial from a branding standpoint, but it helps the consumer know exactly what they are taking.
Take a closer look into your medicine cabinet. Do your medications use blister packaging? If so, you can thank those companies for using the best medical packaging techniques available.

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