Better Packaging for Better Sales

Businesses today dedicate a lot of manpower to finding new ways to reach customers and make existing customers want to buy from them again, and marketing can make or break a business. Advertising, such as billboards, neon signs, TV ads, and magazine ads are traditional routes to take, but another essential way to promote a product is by means of its packaging. Food packaging, protein powder packaging, tea packaging, and even dog food packaging can all be the difference between “flying off the shelves” and disappointing sales. Valve sealed bags, such as coffee bags, can also stand to have the best possible designs and images on them to maximize appeal to customers. How can this be done, and why?

The Power of Packaging

Both in a physical store and online, packaging and displays make a huge difference to customers and their shopping habits. Online sales are done through Internet catalogs on the company’s website, and this catalog should not only have optimal keyword tags and filter options for customers to navigate, but also high quality, appealing images showing exactly what is being sold. Visual information is key for buyers. In fact, it has been found that when businesses pay close attention to the packaging of their products, they can expect a roughly 30% boost in sales. Similarly, around 52% of online shoppers have said taht they would make another purchase from a retailer if the item they ordered came in premium packaging. And in stores, packaging, such as valve sealed bags for coffee, around 66% of customers will try a new product because of its appealing packaging, according to a 2017 survey by West Rock Consumer Insights Study.

What to Buy

Many physical items will come in packaging designed to catch the shopper’s eye, and a store many have as many as 20,000 different items competing for attention. Some industries such as coffee, tea, and pet food retailers have plenty of customers to compete over; it is believed that 54% of Americans aged 18 and over drink coffee every day, and an average American coffee drinker consumes 3.1 cups per day, whether in coffee mugs from a home coffee maker, espresso in a paper cup to go, or anything in between. Tea is more of a novelty in the United States, but it does have a substantial population of consumers, and in general, worldwide, tea drinkers prefer black tea, with it representing 78% of all consumed tea, and 20% or so is green tea.

Valve sealed bags such as coffee have plenty of competition, since coffee and to a lesser extent tea are popular and have a variety of flavors and types for consumers to choose from. Some flavors and packages will be more popular than others during different seasons, but overall, a valve sealed bag for coffee needs a way for its brand or flavor to stand out in the coffee shop or grocery store. Colors, text font, and catchy images associated with the flavor or brand can help, as can vivid colors combined with the expected brown color for coffee. Often, advertising makes use of vivid colors such as red, yellow, or light green to catch someone’s attention. The same can be said of cereal boxes or pet food packaging for dogs and cats. A large bag of dog food, for example, may be dominantly yellow and have red or blue lines or accent marks, and may have a large photo of a well groomed dog with its happy owner. A bag of kitten food will probably be light green or red, for example, and show one or more kittens on the packaging to prove what it is used for and use the charm factor of kittens to draw in customers.

Whether a package is valve sealed bags, a box of cereal, a soda bottle or anything else, attractive packaging may draw in new customers and keep them coming back for more.

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