Behind Signage In The United States

From outdoor LED school signs to outdoor signs for churches to marquee signs for businesses, there is no doubting the impact that signage has on just about all of our lives. For many people (for most of us in the adult world, actually) signs have even become an average part of life. But the various types of signage found in our country are still very much important indeed – and impact our lives more than we might actually even realize.

Consider, for instance, outdoor LED school signs. No matter how old you are, it is likely that the schools you attended had some type of school sign board in front of them. Such a school marquee board has long been quite important for conveying important information to students and their parents in a glance. From listing days off of school to the dates of important student events, outdoor school signs have long been a critical institution for just about every school found all throughout the United States. In recent years, however, these school sign boards have become more advanced than ever before.

Outdoor LED school signs present a great example of this. After all, outdoor LED school signs present a considerable upgrade from the more typical outdoor signs for schools. Outdoor LED school signs provide the ability to view such school signs no matter what type of day and through the use of LED lighting systems, outdoor LED school signs are quite cost effective for a school to have as well. And thanks to these same LED lights, outdoor LED school signs are also quite environmentally friendly as well, something that certainly cannot be ignored – especially in today’s day and age.

In addition to outdoor LED school signs, scrolling marquee signs for schools have also become quite popular. Such a scrolling marquee sign for a school can be a great way to disperse even more important information among the student body, something that can certainly be quite helpful as well. And it’s not just outdoor LED school signs and the like being used, but similar signs for government, signs for churches, and even signs for municipalities – all with the goal of getting across what has been deemed to be important information.

Of course, signs are also powerful advertising tools, as is evidenced by the data gathered on the use of billboards. After all, more than 70% of all people pay attention to at least some of the billboards that they pass, while more than one third of all people actually take not of each and every such advertisement they come across. And many decisions have been influenced by such signage, as up to 68% of all those who travel by car will actually end up making many of their shopping decisions while they are still in the care, meaning that signs like billboards can be a huge persuasive force. In fact, nearly 60% of all adult survey respondents even stated that seeing a billboard clued them into an interesting even that they had not yet heard about. And the very same percentage of people found a new restaurant that they later enjoyed in this very same way.

And aside from signage like billboards and other off site signage, on site signage plays a key and critical role for any given place of business or retail establishment as well. After all, it has been found that more than 30% of new customers would never have even noticed an establishment if not for the signage. At Best Buy alone, more than 15% of all customers are only there because of the eye catching sign drawing them in. And in store signage can even bump of sales of fully priced items by as much as 20%, according to a number of major studies (including one that was conducted by Brigham Young University).

Ultimately, it is quite clear to see that just about every type of signage out there is really quite important. From outdoor LED school signs to billboards to the various forms of on site signage used throughout the country, signage will likely only continue to play an important role in the world as we know it, especially when it comes to advertising.

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