Are You Looking to Expand the Jobs Your Office Can Complete on Their Own?

Automatic wire binder

From bridges to bales to books, some materials are so versatile they enable tasks as small as binding spiral notebooks for the classroom and big as suspending bridges that move cities. Wire is the material that covers this entire gambit.
On the smallest scale, a wire binding machine can transform the same material that binds hay and builds suspension bridges into a common and frequently used office supply essential. And while large companies may outsource tasks that require wire binding machines to 24 hour office supply stores, some smaller companies make it a priority to have their own perfect binding machine as well as other items like automatic coil binding machines and paper punching machines.
Consider some of the many uses for a wire binding machine or plastic coil binders in an office, school, or agency of any size:
Individual Publishing School Projects. From stories about favorite pets to favorite vacations, students of all ages across America work on their writing skills. And while the ultimate assessment in most school districts is a five paragraph essay on an assigned topic, the thrill of writing for most students is far more individual. Wanting to tell a tale of learning to plant trees with a grandfather, or excited to write about their favorite teacher, potential future authors love the thrill of seeing their name in print. For schools, a wire binding machine or automatic coil binder can take the scribblings of even the youngest writers and transform them into a treasured written keepsake.
Annual Reports. Both for profits and non-profits publish and distribute annual reports to their shareholders and other constituents. These documents serve as a way to summarize the past year’s progress, as well as the outlook for next year. A school district’s annual report, for instance, lists a number of details, including: a summary of academic program offerings, enrollment growth, student demographics, state and national testing scores, staff distribution, summaries of faculty degree status, as well as financial information like budgeted revenues and expenditures. And while you may not think that you ever need to know how many average days teachers miss in school, it is beneficial to have annual report information available in a format that is permanent and accessible.
Staff and Employee Handbooks. Even in a time when the world is moving toward digital dominance, many companies still make use of a paper staff handbook that outlines expectations and directions for some of the most common employment questions and answers. Used as a resource for training and other staffing events, a staff handbook can serve as a summary for job expectations and salary and staffing guidelines. Even volunteers require a hands on summary of what is expected of them when they are on-site. Staff and employee handbooks can detail the acceptable reasons for excused absences as well as step by step details about what to do in an emergency.
Are Office Supplies a Constant Source of Stress at Your Job or Volunteer Site?
As the middle of the school year approaches across the nation, teachers and administrators can attest to the fact that office supplies that are taken for granted in some places of business are often in short supply in class workrooms. And while some offices in the business world have every imaginable office convenience, schools and volunteer offices often struggle to find a paper punch when it is needed. And in a time when everything seems to be making the move to a digital platform, the annual amount of paper used in America every year is still more than 9 trillion tons. In fact, marketing research indicates that today print is one of the largest industries in the world. The print industry even rivals auto-manufacturing and is more than eight times larger than the video gaming industry.
What is the status of task specific office supplies in your office? Does your company outsource more complicated tasks like wire and plastic comb binding? Or, does your company invest office products that allow your staff to complete most of the necessary print and publication work in house? From realtors to researchers to reading instructors, having access to wire binding machines and other products can make a work day easier.

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