Are You Interested in Starting a Home Garden?

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You still remember the time your father built his first greenhouse. You were a sophomore in college in the year 1982 and your dad asked for help that summer when he started his greenhouse project. His goal was to create a well lit space that he could economically keep heated during the winter. He wanted to get a jumpstart on growing his own tomato, cucumber, potato, and lettuce plants. He quickly found out, however, that the growing conditions he created were so ideal that he would actually find himself not only starting these plants, but harvesting some of those as well. The energy he invested toward this project varied over the next several years. For the most part, however, he almost always had something growing in that greenhouse.
As an adult, you now find your self using some of those skills that your father taught you to grow some of your own plants. First, it started as a simple window box full of fresh herbs. You were tired of paying the high prices of these dried versions at the store, and quickly realized that for far less money you could grow your own. Later, you discovered that it was really pretty easy to grow some types of lettuces and kale.
Indoor Gardening Supplies Help Growers in a Variety of Fields
Who would have thought that the year 2017 would bring with it so many opportunities for creating a business that focuses on growing indoor plants? With the recent passage of medical and recreational cannabis use in several states, a increasing number of horticulturists may be looking at expanding their growing facilities. And as the nation continues to look for additional resources for the plants and foods that we need, the continued need for improved growing methods increase in importance. In addition to improving and expanding the facilities needed for these plants, an entire science continues to focus on growth enzymes and tools that can also expand this industry.
As the entire country continues to expand its use of personal and indoor growing opportunities some products like hygrozyme are growing in popularity and use. Many experts indicate that hygrozyme is a concentrated formula that is absolutely necessary as an additive to any growth system. This enzyme accelerates the breakdown of dead root matter, and therefore provides a cleaner growing zone. These healthier root zones help plants absorb and distribute additional nutrients encouraging the plant to thrive, while at the same time stimulating new growth of even more roots.
As both community gardens and school projects continue to increase in number, Americans are showing that they want to play an increasing part in the cultivation of the foods that they eat. And as laws expand for the increases use of medical and recreational cannabis, it is likely that even more professional and personal growers will inform themselves about indoor hydroponic systems, products like hygrozyme, and indoor garden lighting systems. Consider some of these facts about advances in gardening and cultivation of home grown products:

  • 76% of all households with a food garden in 2014 grew vegetables. This represented a 19% increase from the year 2008.
  • Farmers indicate that some aquaculture crops use 90% less water as compared to the same crops in traditional soil farming.
  • Hydroponics can increase growth rate and yield by as much as 50% compared to a soil-grown plants.
  • Two, three, and four tiered metal plant stands are the best way to hold a number of plants in a small footprint area.
  • Some research indicates that growers can plant four times the number of crops in the same space as that of traditional soil farming.
  • Plants grown with hydroponic systems require a different environment than traditional soil plants. For the best conditions, these plants need as much as eight to 10 hours of direct daylight. Alternatively, they need the same amount of high-intensity indoor lamplight every day.

We live in a changing world. As technology and growing processes increase, it is no wonder that more and more individuals and corporations continue to look at the possibility of indoor plant growth. With products like hydroponic lighting systems and enzymes like hygrozyme, the potential for indoor or hydroponic growth seems to be unlimited. Are you ready to start your garden?

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