Are You in Need of a Professional Headshot?

The first day at a new job is something you have only experienced three times in your life. In fact, the first job that you were hired for lasted 27 years. It was only when some major changes happened to the company as it grew and grew in size that you even entertained conversations with other businesses who were interested in your skills. That job was a great opportunity, even though it was something very different from what you had done early in your career. The job change was so good, in fact, that it positioned you perfectly for many other opportunities. As a result, six years after leaving your first job, you are now on your way to job number three. This time as a vice president.

This new company is small and you are anxious for both the challenges and the opportunities. Although neither or your previous positions required it, this job wanted pictures of you on the first day. The company does not necessarily request formal headshots, but they did want you to submit three possible digital photos that they can use on the website. Your youngest daughter took a few pictures on the deck behind your house and she also helped you select the three photos that she thought would work best.

With the pictures submitted, you are now ready to head in to your first day in the office.

Professional Portraits are Sometimes Used on Company Websites

Professional corporate headshots are often kept on file in the event that a company wants to submit a press release about a recent promotion or job placement. Making sure that you have these photos available ahead of time can save you the stress of scrambling for these pictures at the last minute.

Headshot photographers often offer vary affordable packages for workers who are looking for these services. With walk in appointments, in fact, some professionals are able to provide same day service. Not surprising, the revenues of portrait photography studios in the U.S. reached approximately $4.25 billion by 2016. And while these may simply seem like a formality, the reality is that data indicates that it takes only one-tenth of a second for someone to form a first impression of a stranger from their face alone. Having the right headshots can help you make the first impression that you want, whether it is your first new job in your professional career, or the first job change in decades.