American Households Are Losing Valuable Money To High Energy Bills Spray Foam Insulation

Homeowners are tired of losing their hard-earned money to energy inefficient housing materials.

Can you believe over half of the average household’s expenses go straight to heating and cooling costs? If you’re considering investing in spray foam insulation equipment, you’ve likely considered it. Your average project today is going to lean closer to eco-friendly materials and energy efficient results. It’s concrete lifting equipment and Graco spray foam gun parts that’ll get you there. A home should do more than just shelter a family from the elements, after all.

It should shelter them from high energy bills and constant maintenance calls.

Today’s Astronomical Energy Consumption

Just how bad is energy usage today? Let’s take a look at what the United States is managing to achieve. Recent studies have found the total consumption of American energy is nearly 97 quadrillion BTUs. Following China, it remains the most energy hungry country in the world. It’s not just a large population that creates these astronomical figures, but the lack of reasonable building supplies to temper day-to-day rates.

Growing HVAC Employment Rates

It’s easy to see why there are so many people going into home repair and maintenance. Residential demand is only going to get higher from here! HVAC employments are expected to rise by 15% between 2016 and 2026, putting both workers and homeowners in a good spot. If the energy efficiency of commercial buildings was improved by a mere 10% it would save a staggering $40 billion every year. What do homeowners need to make this a reality?

Common Requests By Homeowners

When you buy spray foam insulation equipment you provide a steady means of giving homeowners what they need most…a break from huge bills. According to data provided by the Department Of Energy, over 55% of the energy used in homes goes straight to heating and cooling. The Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star Program has also gone on record to estimate better insulation and sealing air leaks can slash these bills by 20%. Starting to see the appeal of the spray foam gun?

Spray Foam Insulation Tools

What makes spray foam insulation equipment such a boon today is both its effectiveness at patching up those leaks and its ease of use. Over 40% of a building’s energy loss today is due to poor air filtration, slipping through holes in the roof and cracks in the floor. A spray foam gun allows you to get right into those cracks and confront the root of the problem. Businessowners are glad to spend their saved money on marketing, homeowners are happy to live more comfortably during the rough season…everyone wins with spray foam training.

Helping Homeowners Save Money On Energy Bills

You’re being called on to give your clients some relief from impending energy bills. It’s time to invest in spray foam insulation equipment that’s designed, first and foremost, to put things in perspective. The combined yearly energy costs of industrial and commercial buildings in the United States is sitting pretty at $400 billion. Change starts small, with nothing more clear than using flexible spray guns to patch up leaks and cracks. The reduced stress on HVAC systems is also good for the environment, being used less and replaced less.

Spray insulation is the way of the future. Give homeowners something to cheer about this year.

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