A soundproof phone booth could be just the thing your office needs for better business

Is it not frustrating when you call in to an office for a very important private phone call and yet in the background all you can hear is the chaos of a busy office? Does it not grate on you that no matter how badly you’d like your conversation to be private you know that there are people there listening in and catching bits and pieces of details? Well think about how your very own customers feel when they call into your office and can’t seem to make heads or tails out of what is supposed to be going on. Is this really the office moral that you want to spread around about your business? Perhaps this is why a soundproof office booth could be the thing that your office needs in order to be even more successful than it is. Here are a few of the ways that an office phone booth can not only give you some peace and quiet, but can bump up your business as well.

Silence promotes communication

With phone booth office space your workers have a place to go to speak on the phone with their clients and really be able to both listen and understand what the clines needs and wants are. With a 48% difference between the workers in a soundproof space and a public space, your office will feel the effects of being able to engage better with their clients due to having an free and open place to speak with them. With concentration being only on the client and not on what is going on around the office your workers will be able to get their work done without distractions and outside problems coming up in the middle of their important conversations.

Private transactions stay private

If you have an office space where classified information is passed back and forth between clients and personnel than a soundproof phone booth should be a no brainer for your company. With the ability to keep everything with client partner confidentiality completely confidential your clients will worry less about having their important information shared with others. This gives your clients a piece of mind and reassurance that everything that you’re doing for them is in fact for them and not being shared with the rest of a busy office. When your clients are your most important clientele than an office phone booth should be a no brainer.

Alone time is sometimes key

Eliminating 51% of distractions from your day with an office phone both, your workers will have a space where they can go and decompress for a few moments before coming back out and dealing with their busy and ever moving day. To build a phone booth would be to give them the space and quiet they need to take a break every once and awhile to reground and really get their work going again. When you build a phone booth you give your workers the ability to keep going and to regroup every once and while when they find that they need to clear their heads.

Soundproof phone booth of office use is a good idea on many levels and it assures your clients and your workers that you care about them and their daily abilities to keep going and do their best for you. If you find that your office is too busy to take calls and to be private than an office phone booth should be the next investment that you put into soundproofing your space and proving to your clients and your workers that they are as important to you as you say they are. Reduce the stress that your employees endure every day with the simple addition of a private space where they can speak with their clients and focus enough to give them the attention they expect and deserve when it comes to your and your busy company. Before you know it you’ll have to redo the entire office with soundproof space due to all of the new clients you acquire.

Add your office phone booth today.

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