A Guide to Commercial Furniture Makers

Wood table tops, wood table finish, upholstery fabrics, and table tops are bought every single year for people around the country. According to Furniture today, furniture sales will reach $122 billion by 2020. Therefore, there will be so many great options from commercial furniture makers available to homeowners as the years go on!

The interior design industry generates approximately $10 billion in revenue every year. People have absolutely grown to love the industry of interior design and renovating homes. There is a reason why HGTV is now one of the most beloved channels with great programming centered on renovating homes and more. Here are all of the facts on getting the most out of commercial furniture makers!

Focus On What You Want From Commercial Furniture Makers

The majority of respondents to a Furniture Today survey said they prefer furniture that lasts between five to nine years. This is because people want longevity when it comes to their furniture. This is something that you should focus on as well when trying to get furniture from commercial furniture makers. After all, buying a couch and having it last for two years is not ideal for anyone in this situation.

A survey was recently conducted amongst people in the United States that plan on buying furniture or have bought furniture in the recent past. This has revealed that the two top factors that consumers want from their furniture include quality and durability. So, therefore, you should take the time to find some furniture that is reputable from commercial furniture makers that will last!

Approximately 57% of American consumers report a preference for vintage pieces, according to a survey by Furniture Today. So if you are someone that is looking for some high-end vintage pieces you are definitely not alone. As a matter of fact, you are technically in the majority as more people want vintage pieces as opposed to the usual, contemporary furniture available from commercial furniture makers.

Make Sure That The Furniture Matches The Interior Design

Interior design follows three key principles and this includes a focal point, unity, and color. If you are not well acclimated to these factors and ideas, you should get some help. An interior designer will sit down to understand what you want and what you want them to do. Then, they will begin to put together ideas and all you need to do is approve and you are set!

Consumers expect wood furniture to have a lifespan 15 years longer than other furniture. Therefore, anyone that wants to get their hands on furniture with longevity will definitely want some wood furniture. Plus, you can get a bargain on some wood furniture by getting into business with the right kinds of commercial furniture makers. They can offer you great deals and can even deliver the furniture right to your h

One of the top 10 furniture trends of the 21st century, according to About.com, is vintage furniture. People really love that old school feeling when it comes to furniture, especially if it can complement a retro or vintage interior design. Therefore, you should focus on getting furniture that will surely match the rest of the interior design.

More than one-third of respondents in a 2017 Interior Design Trends survey report they would choose a neutral color palette when redecorating their home. You should make sure that everything matches in your home so that you can enjoy a unified look. If not, then the furniture that you buy may look weird standing out and clashing with odd colors!

Parting Words On Commercial Furniture Makers

According to the United States Census Bureau, furniture sales increased by 1.6%, or $8,986 million, in 2016. This is going to continue over the years as more and more people go and buy furniture. Especially when you consider how many people are going to go and get furniture because they are moving out!

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