A Guide to Choosing Between LED and Neon Signs

Programmable led sign

There are a number of different types of signs for businesses, and each of them has different merits. Exterior business signs are important for a business, since it can gain half of its customer base from signs alone, and choosing the right one is essential. If you’ve narrowed down your choice to between a neon sign and an LED one, here are some things to consider.

LED signs are illuminated by light emitting diodes, which are solid light bulbs. They are really energy efficient, so even though they are actually more expensive than traditional incandescent light bulbs, they do last longer and do not cost as much to keep illuminated. Additionally, LED display signs are really easily changed, since they are basically a grid of dots that can be programmed to show whatever message or image a business owner wants to display.

Neon signs are one of the most famous types of exterior business signs. They hit their peak of popularity in the 1950s and 1960s, but some of the most recognizable signs are neon — like the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign. What neon signs do offer is an interesting and unique sign, which is important for helping people remember the sign. The more recognizable the sign, the better the brand recognition, which is conducive to brand loyalty.

Which is right for your business?
The right sign for your business depends on a few different things. One is the aesthetic of your business and the look you’re going for. An inappropriate sign is going to look weird and probably mislead people about the style of your business, so keep that in mind. You should also think about your budget, since these different types of signs will have different costs. Additionally, you need to think about what message or image you want the sign to display, since these signs have different capabilities and levels of versatility.

Do you have a neon or LED sign at your business? Feel free to share with us what you think about them in the comments section. More like this blog.

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