6 Scary Bridges You Have to See to Believe

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It is impossible to know how many bridges there are all over the planet but they run the gamut in terms of styles and materials used. When people in the United States think about impressive bridges, we think of structures that were designed and built by the biggest civil engineering companies in the world. The thing is that many bridges in the world were designed by transportation planning firms but many exist far away from urban development and civil engineering management systems. This list was compiled, in part, by Our Trip Guide. These are some of the scariest bridges in the world that you just have to visit at some point in your life.

  1. Nepal’s bridges over the Dudh Kosi: That river is also referred to as the “River of Milk.” People who live in the region of Nepal that is also home to Mount Everest or trade out of Namche Bazaar will find themselves walking over suspension bridges that were put in by the Swiss government. Some of the bridges are relatively low but all of that changes when you reach the area just below the trading village. When the Lonely Planet describes this stretch of bridge it says, “At this point, the bridge crosses at a dizzying height above the river,” making crossing this Indiana Jonesesque bridge a challenge for anyone. The Lonely Planet is not wrong. To make it even scarier, you can feel every other person’s steps as they make the entire bridge vibrate and bounce up and down. This bridge will test your willpower and your nerves.
  2. Pakistan’s Hussaini Hanging Bridge: This bridge is a lot like the bridges in Nepal, only it is a lot less finished. It is considered to be one of the most terrifying bridges to cross. It is one of the world’s oldest bridges. It is so scary that people visit it just so they can have a picture of themselves on the bridge to prove to their friends and family that they actually spent time on it. Locals, on the other hand, are not scared at all of it. One look at this bridge and you know that transportation planning firms had nothing to do with its design nor its construction.
  3. Ghana’s Canopy Walk: This is the ultimate bridge experience for people who love nature. The base of the bridge is a large wooden plank but as scary as it may be, the bridge itself is very well constructed and you are really in no danger crossing it. The awesome part of crossing this bridge is the chance to get close to endangered animals that live in the Kakum National Park. Luckily, the bridge keeps you safe from them as well.
  4. Malaysia’s Langkawi Sky Bridge: This pedestrian bridge is high up but you can imagine experts at transportation planning firms coming up with its design. It sits at the top of the Gunung Mat Cincang. One unique thing about this bridge is the way geotechnical design firms went about putting it together. All of the components were constructed on the ground and then a helicopter was used to put them all together.
  5. Switzerland’s Mount Titlis: From the looks of it, the same civil engineering company that handled the bridges in Nepal designed and built this. It is not for the faint of heart or people who are scared of heights but if you can get over that, it really is a safe way to see some amazing views. It sits about 1,500 feet over a glacier located in the Alps.
  6. Russia’s Vitim River Bridge: This is another bridge whose construction and design was not overseen by any reputable transportation planning firms. The bridge itself looks a lot like a child put together their tinker toys to make a bridge. There is no safety rail or even a rail of any kind to prevent people who are driving or walking over it from falling into the near-freezing water of the river. It is one of the most dangerous bridges on the planet. If you are going to cross this one, you have ice in your veins for sure.

All of these bridges are well worth taking a trip to see them.