5 Items for Your Pre Retirement Checklist

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Retiring from your job and figuring out what you will do next is a hard time in life because you’re doing something new and leaving your old life behind. Many people who are transitioning into this next phase of life seek out pre retirement training from a motivational coach. These professionals are specially trained to help people navigate changes in their lives, and the industry is growing. The life coaching services industry generates about $1 billion in annual revenues in the United States, while Latin America and the Caribbean are experiencing the fastest rates of growth of these jobs worldwide.

If you are wondering whether pre retirement training is for you, you don’t have to feel shy about checking it out to learn more. About six in 10 life coaching clients in the United States are men, and one of the most popular services is learning about how to approach retirement. It can be hard to know what you need to do to get ready, because you are probably used to living your life with a regular, steady income that you don’t have to worry about. When you retire, you need to think about how you will fund your life, what to do in your free time, whether you should take up any new hobbies, and if you want to relocate. With so many things to do, here’s a pre retirement checklist to discuss at your first pre retirement training session with your new life coach.

    1. Plan your finances
    This is the first thing you will want to do because it will really determine the rest of your plans. There are two parts to this step — first, you need to determine how you will fund your lifestyle and think about how much money you have saved, if any, in a retirement fund; second, you will need to make a list of all of your expenses. This can get to be significant, especially when your income is limited. It’s a good idea to go over all of this information with a financial planner before you finalize it just to make sure you didn’t miss anything.

    2. Think about new hobbies
    What do you like to do in your free time? Are you someone who spent almost all of your time at work, and now you are going to be lost when you don’t have a planned out day? If you think you will be bored in retirement, you should talk to friends and family and see what they do in their free time, and this might help you pick up a few new hobbies that you can try out for a while.

    3. Consider where you will live
    Some people plan on moving after retiring, while others want to stay local so they can spend more time with their family. Talk to your loved ones and see what their thoughts are so everyone can share their opinions with you.

    4. Look for a part time job
    This isn’t necessary for everyone, but it can help with bringing in some extra money and it can also help you plan out some of your time if you’re overwhelmed with so much relaxation time.

    5. Take some time off as a trial period
    This is a great idea if you are feeling very unsure about retiring — just take a few weeks of vacation so you will know what to expect!

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