5 Cheap and Effective Retail Design Ideas For Your Small Business

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As a business owner, the state of your shop speaks miles about your business. So what if your shop is small, and you feel your big ideas cannot be contained within the confines of your destined retail space? Well luckily, there are a few retail design ideas that not only help to brand yourself, but help to make the most of your small retail space.

Here are 5 retail design tips for small businesses:

  1. Create an Illusion
    There are many creative design tricks that help to make the most of a small business space. First, try painting an accent wall in your store. This is a relatively inexpensive but effective way of making a room look larger, as well as adding an interesting design element to the room. Having an accent wall makes it look like the wall is receding, thus opening up the space dramatically.
    Don’t limit yourself to paint, either! You can use wallpaper to create the same effect while adding a quirky texture.
  2. No Windows? Create One
    Within any space, windows can dramatically open up a room and give it more dimension. If your retail space is lacking windows, worry not! Adding mirrors to any space makes it look larger, and makes it look lighter as well. Psychologically, customers will respond positively to this change!
  3. Be Strategic With Color
    Adding too many bright colors to a small space can give off a cluttered and messy look. Rather, keep the base of your design in neutral tones, and add pops of bright color for flair. This will help you have as much product as possible in your store without the impression of clutter.
  4. Think Outside of the Shelf
    Shelving is the conventional and obvious choice for retail spaces. But to make your space more interesting, try unconventional ways to display your product, such as hanging jewelry on wall fixtures, and incorporating bookshelves as both space dividers and product displays. This will result in a quirky yet aesthetically pleasing retail space.
  5. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For Help
    While these retail design ideas are both inexpensive and effective, it’s never a bad thing to call retail design firms for some extra help. Professional retail design services have the professional knowledge and know-how to turn even the smallest of quarters into a profit generating business.

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