4 Tips for Finding the Right GSA Sign Provider

School led signs

Many schools and businesses ensure that they utilize the right kind of signage that works best for their respective goals. That being said, it’s important that those who need to be under a general administration contract or GSA. These customers often are from the fields of the government and military. It’s understandable that you want to find the right GSA sign company to work with. Considering that, here are four main considerations to make while looking for a company that creates GSA LED signs.

  1. Offers a Wide Range of Sign Choices

    You might be surprised at how important the right signage is for a building. In fact, statistics show that 35% would have discovered a business in the event that they didn’t have a sign. With that in mind, it’s understandable that people need to clearly know and see a sign from a business or organization before pulling into the parking lot. While GSA contracts rarely focus on selling to the public, it’s still important that civilians know where to find the building of an organization.
  2. Helpful Company With Plenty of Support Options

    While you might have an idea in mind concerning your sign, it’s important to have a second opinion. In other cases, you might find yourself completely unsure of where to start in regards to ordering signage. No matter what roadblock you face, it’s important to find a GSA LED sign company that is able to help you throughout the ordering and shipping processes.
  3. Complies With Local and Federal Laws

    One major difference in regards to completing signs for GSA locations is that they might face different types of signage restrictions and regulations. It’s especially imperative that any type of military or government customer is able to get signage that ensures these organizations are compliant with both local and federal laws.
  4. History of Completing Similar Projects

    Statistics show that, by 2019, LEDs will have obtained a 53% penetration of the entire global lighting market. With that in mind, it should be fairly easy to find a company that has completed GSA LED sign design work in the past. You’ll find it beneficial to partner with a GSA LED sign company that has completed similar projects in regards to what you’re looking to have done.

To summarize, there are several important considerations to make while choosing a GSA led sign company. Statistics show that 37% of those surveyed felt the need to look at an outdoor advertisement each time they saw it. While GSA contracts tend to not be as focused on sales and revenue as retail locations, it’s still important that your building utilizes signage to stay visible. It’s wise to partner with a GSA sign company that is able to help you narrow down the wide range of signage options you’re likely to have. It’s vastly important that any GSA sign company you partner with is compliant with local and federal laws while creating your sign. You’ll also find it helpful to work with a sign company that has a history of successfully completing past GSA contracts.

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