4 Subject Areas Offered Through IATA Training

An important part of succeeding in any job is receiving adequate training. For instance, many hazmat workers must complete 40 hours of mandated training by OSHA. However, there is a wide range of jobs throughout the aviation industry. Considering that, you might find it interesting to continue learning about certain aviation topics. In this post, you’ll learn four possible career paths to consider through IATA online training.

  • Operations Management

    There must be an airport before many commercial airplanes can fly in and out of a city. With that in mind, you might find that airport planning and operations courses appeal to you. You’ll find many of these courses available through IATA online training. These courses cover many aspects of planning, operating, managing, and securing airports.
  • Cargo Training Courses

    Cargo of all shapes, types, and sizes are shipped throughout the world each year. You’ll find that IATA online training allows you to take plenty of cargo training courses. These courses allow you to learn more about strategic planning and delivering exceptional results.
  • Dangerous Goods Courses

    Statistics show that nearly 3 billion tons of hazardous materials are shipped each year. Considering that, many companies find themselves shipping hazardous materials. If you’re going to be working with hazardous wastes, it’s important to receive adequate training. Fortunately, there are plenty of online IATA courses covering a wide range of topics. If a company you’re working for ships overseas, it’s important to learn about international transport of hazardous materials.
  • Aviation Safety Training

    Safety must always be of the utmost importance, especially in the world of aviation. Fortunately, you’ll find that IATA places a huge emphasis on the importance of safety. Therefore, you’ll find many IATA online training courses related to safety in the aviation industry. For instance, you can learn about safety topics including safety in the workplace, safety management, and many more.

In closing, there are many possible career paths to consider in the aviation industry. This is only a small portion of the aviation courses offered through IATA online training. If you’re unable to attend these courses in a classroom, you’re in luck. Fortunately, IATA offers a wide range of educational programs that can be taken entirely online. This is great for those wanting to continue their education without being limited by their location.

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