4 Popular Types of Architectural Stone

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Natural stone is a material that is better for the environment than artificial options. Statistics show that 81% of travelers feel it’s important for accommodation providers to care about the environment. A study by Unilever finds that 33% of consumers prefer companies that support environmental causes.
Here are four popular types of architectural stone for your business to utilize.

  1. Slate

    It’s understandable to think that slate might not offer many color options. Many companies purchase slate when looking at natural stone for sale. In many cases, slate is available is gray, green, and purple colors. It’s common for slate to be used in the interiors of many buildings. Slate is a type of stone that holds up extremely well to freeze cycles. Many buildings utilize slate in their construction because of this stones durability. Slate is commonly made in a wide variety of earth tones. You’ll commonly find slate utilized in patio settings. Slate still retains a fair amount of traction even while wet.
  2. Marble

    The interior lobby of a building is important because it’s often the first room visitors see. Many companies utilize marble interior flooring because of its luxurious appearance. Marble is found in all parts of the world but remains very popular within the United States. Many companies utilize natural stone slabs for sale to create marble countertops. You won’t want to use marble for kitchen countertops where any acidic materials will be used. However, marble holds up well to liquid which makes it a popular choice for bathrooms. Marble is available in a wide variety of types and colors with amazing veining.
  3. Sandstone

    Sandstone is typically made from both feldspar and quartz. There are many colors available when choosing sandstone including brown, red, yellow, and tan. It’s common for sandstone to almost have an appearance resembling wood from a distance. Many companies prefer to use this type of architectural stone on walls and floor because of its extremely low rate of absorption.
  4. Limestone

    Limestone is often used on the exterior of buildings. Every piece of limestone ages over time which helps to blend shades together. Many people feel that limestone looks better as it ages. Limestone is used everywhere ranging from bridges to cathedrals. This type of architectural stone can be nearly in a wide variety of shapes and sizes without splitting.

In closing, there are several types of architectural stone that companies often utilize. Slate is extremely durable and often used for its extreme durability. Many companies use marble to create stunning interiors. Sandstone has an appearance that looks similar to wood. Limestone is a popular type of architectural stone for its clean appearance. Many companies utilize the wide varieties, styles, and colors of environmentally friendly architectural stone.

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