4 Ideas for Your School’s Scrolling Marquee Signs

It’s important that your school doesn’t seem outdated. Therefore, you’ll find that it’s wise to consider updating your school’s signage. Considering that, many schools are finding it beneficial to have digital signs installed. However, you might be unaware of just how much valuable information you can place on marquee signs for schools. Here are four helpful ways your school can utilize scrolling digital marquee signs.

  • Reminding Students About Important Test Dates

    Many students across the nation need to take tests each year. If you’re wanting to show students your school cares, it’s wise to include test reminders on your school’s marquee signs. In turn, you’re ensuring that students have plenty of time to prepare for these important tests. This might even help increase test scores which is beneficial for your school.
  • Acknowledging Students and Staff Members

    One study found that the value of a single on site sign provides the same value as placing 24 full page ads in a newspaper. Considering the value of these signs, it’s wise to take time and acknowledge standout students and staff members. This helps to show that your school recognizes and rewards others.
  • Informing the Community About Special Events

    Research shows that 58% of adults surveyed learned about an interesting event from a billboard. Consider that, electronic marquee signs for schools are great ways to inform a local community about important events. Schools often have various happenings throughout the year including dances, sporting events, and plays. You’ll also want to remind parents about important events including parent teacher conferences and open houses.
  • Posting Special Holiday Messages

    Electronic marquee signs for schools also allow parents, students, and staff when classes will not be session. In most cases, these dates will be holidays that are celebrated throughout the year. Feel free to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday to add extra value to these messages.

In closing, there are many ways to utilize marquee signs to the advantage of your school. If you’re thinking about ordering a new sign, it’s wise to choose one that utilizes LED lighting. Research shows that, by 2019, LEDs will achieve an estimated 53% penetration of the global lighting market. In addition, LED marquee signs are cost effective while lasting long amounts of time. If you’re ready to update your school’s signage, consider contacting a digital sign company.

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