4 Helpful Tips for Safely Loading Your Truck

Throughout the United States, this country depends on its transportation network to send and receive goods. In fact, statistics show that nearly 12 million locomotives, rail cars, trucks, and vessels move goods throughout this transportation network. Truckload logistics has to do with shipping items in a truck. That being said, there are many variables that go into ensuring truckload freight is delivered safely. In this post, you’ll learn about truckload shipping options and how to load these items safely.

Types of Truckload Shipping

Before any shipping is started, it’s imperative to utilize the right type of vehicle. Truckload logistics takes care of finding the right vehicle for your shipment. If you’re shipping items with no temperature requirements, you’ll likely be able to use a dry van.

That being said, dry vans are going to have certain size limitations. If you have exceptionally large freight to haul, it’s best to use a flatbed truck. The open layout of these trailers enables companies to haul goods that won’t fit in dry vans. You’ll commonly see massive pieces of machinery or entire machines loaded on flatbed trucks.

Many companies must ship goods at certain temperatures. In this case, you’ll need refrigerated trucks to complete these hauls. Refrigerated trucks are often used to transport foods, medications, and other temperature sensitive materials.

How to Stay Safe While Loading Your Truck

After determining which truck is needed for shipping, it’s important to follow a few safety tips. Following these tips helps to ensure that you’re properly loading your truck. With that in mind, here are four truck loading safety tips to remember.

  • Secure Vehicle Before Loading a Single Item

    There are several important steps to follow while loading your truck. Considering that, one of the first things you should do is fully stabilize your vehicle. Without follow this important precaution, you can risk completely losing control of your truck. Considering the size of these vehicles, a rolling truck often causes lots of damage. However, you’ll never have to worry about this when you brake and stabilize your truck before loading it with cargo.
  • Find a Location with Adequate Lighting

    This is a tip that is easy to forget while making multiple deliveries. However, forgetting this tip could place you in potentially dangerous situations. Statistics gathered from the United States Department of Transportation found that the value of moved freight is expected to reach values of $1,377 per ton in the year 2040. Considering how valuable your freight is, it isn’t worth destroying while loading in a dark area.
  • Avoid Placing Items in Your Backseat

    In certain situations, you might find yourself especially pressed for time. However, this doesn’t mean that you can store cargo in your back seat. This is a lot more dangerous than you might think. The items you’re transporting are likely to be quite heavy. If you have to make a sudden stop, any items in the backseat will likely fly towards the front of your truck. In turn, this can lead to further injuries and even the risk of death. To avoid this, place all cargo in its required position.
  • Implement Cargo Inspection Checkpoints

    Statistics show that the three most valuable commodities moved by freight transporters in the United States include electronics, machinery, and motorized vehicles. No truck driver wants to reach their destination with a truckload full of damaged goods, especially valuable ones. In most cases, truckload carriers will transport items over fairly long distances. While doing this, you’re likely to encounter a few literal bumps in the road. Therefore, it’s wise to periodically check the condition of your cargo.

In closing, it’s important to safely load your trucks. If your company needs assistance with finding the right cargo, contact a truckload logistics company. Truckload logistics services help ensure that their customers are able to find the right types of freight. In addition, these companies also work to find the best truckload shipping rates for your transportation business.

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