4 Benefits of Having Marquee Signage for Your School

Marquee signs for schools

Many schools want to ensure that they are staying within current times in regards to signage technology. You’ll find that not all types of school signs offer the same benefits. Many schools are realizing how beneficial it is to ensure they have adequate signage. In fact, research shows that the value of having a sign on the site of your school carries the same value as 24 full page newspaper ads throughout the course of a year. You’ll find that having digital signage offers many benefits that are wise to consider. With that in mind, here are four benefits of implementing an electronic marquee sign for your school.

  1. Customizing and Adding Information Promptly

    Schools are busy places in which a lot of things are happening throughout the course of an average day. Therefore, it’s understandable to need a signage method that allows information to easily be entered or erased. No school wants to deal with having to change numbers and letters manually after event information has suddenly changed. Considering that, it’s wise to consider marquee signs for schools that are digital, allowing you to easily add or edit any kind of text.
  2. Keeping Public Informed of Charitable Efforts

    A school will often participate in efforts to give back to the community. You’ll often find children needing to bring canned goods or gently used clothing to school. These items are turned into the school in order to allow those less fortunate to receive such goods. With that in mind, you’ll find that marquee signs for schools allow parents to remain informed in regards to when these food or clothing drives are coming up. Therefore, parents and students alike will have plenty of notice to prepare items to bring for those who are less fortunate.
  3. Displaying Relevant Contact Information

    During enrollment season, parents and students will likely be contacting the school more frequently than normal. Therefore, it’s wise to ensure that everyone is able to easily find out the contact information for your school. You’ll find that marquee signs for schools allow every passerby to easily find the phone number or web address of your school in a matter of moments. In fact, statistics show that 26% of those surveyed jotted down a phone number that was written on an outdoor billboard. Considering that, it’s wise to think of scrolling marquee signs as valuable sources of information for your community.
  4. Highlighting Upcoming School Sporting Events

    Throughout a typical year, there are many types of sporting events taking place. Considering that, you’ll find that marquee signs for schools allow the public to easily remain updated about the times and dates of these events. In fact, statistics show that 58% of those surveyed had learned about an upcoming event due to seeing it on a billboard. With that in mind, it’s wise to utilize school marquees to ensure that students and parents remain informed about local sporting events throughout the year. In addition, increasing attendance to these events with the use of a digital marquee is likely to increase spending that goes to help finance a school.

To summarize, there are several benefits associated with having a digital marquee sign for your school. These signs allow for information to be easily added, edited, and erased. Considering that, it’s wise to be able to change information quickly due to the fact that times and dates for events are often moved around during early planning stages. Digital marquee signs for schools ensure that the public is informed of all charitable programs conducted by a school throughout a typical year. These signs work well for informing both parents and students of school contact information, especially important during enrollment time. A marquee sign also is able to keep the public informed of when and where the next school sporting event will take place, ensuring attendance numbers are as high as possible.

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