4 Advances in Construction You Might Not Know About

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Thanks to television, movies, and in some cases, experience, most people associate construction with slow, dirty work. However, whether you are aware of it or not, there have been many advances in construction that have led to faster, cleaner construction. If you don’t hire construction companies KNOXVILLE TN a lot, you probably are unfamiliar with some of these advances in construction. Below are just a few of the things that allow both commercial and residential construction companies KNOXVILLE TN to get the job done faster and cleaner.

Fast track construction

Fast-track construction overlaps the design and building phases. In other words, the designer might design the major structures of the building, then, before the designer finishes designing the minor structures of the building, the construction crew starts to build. This takes a lot of organization, as it’s important that the major structures and foundation will match up with later designs. It has become a popular method of construction lately, mainly because people want things done quickly and efficiently. Nearly 40% of construction projects use this method to speed up the process.

Sustainable architecture

With so many people (rightfully) concerned with the environment as of late, many companies are starting to consider this in their business model. Both residential and commercial construction companies KNOXVILLE TN have started building sustainable architecture. Sustainable architecture uses recycled materials, like recycled copper and reclaimed lumber, to reduce the environmental impact the construction has. These low-impact building materials are used as much as possible in sustainable architecture as well to ensure a “clean” construction. One of these materials is a low volatile organic compound-emitting insulation, which does not emit toxic materials like other insulation might.

Laser technology

If you thought the last two types of construction were interesting, wait until you hear about lasers. Lasers are used for building guides, as well as to check grades. This not only reduces the amount of construction workers needed, but also reduces the risk of human error. It can also help the construction crew to get the job done quicker, which, as we saw above, is highly important in this day and age.

3D technology

Even more interesting than lasers, construction companies have begun using 3D technology. In January 2013, 3D printers were able to print over six feet of building material per hour. Within the next generation, 3D printers will have the ability to print eleven feet per minute, which would allow big construction companies to build an entire building within a week’s time.