31 Million Employees In The Nation Use Drugs, So A Drug Free Program Might Protect Your Houston Business

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Running a background check Houston can provide for your company use is important. A criminal background check can help with you or company if you have DOT compliance issues to worry about. Most DOT compliance services will be worth any cost that you have to pay, since they will protect you from having to pay heavy fines for failure to meet these compliance requirements for drivers at your organization. Having a drug free workplace policy in place for the members of your organization will be very beneficial. There are alcohol related issues in the work place that occur both by light drinkers and moderate drinkers, with 87 percent of all incidents involving alcohol on the job being related to moderate drinkers.

Beyond drinking issues on the job, there have been about 13 million American employees that ended up losing their job, getting a divorce or have been arrested due to alcohol related issues. A drug free program should also cover alcohol use. Your drug free program should definitely address the use of hard drugs, since there are just short of 12 percent of all workers in this nation that regularly abuse narcotics. Vicodin is the most frequently used drug without a prescription, which is dangerous when you have heavy equipment or vehicles being driven by somebody under the influence. A drug free program will not guarantee sobriety on the job, but it will certainly weed out employees at high risk levels.

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