3 Ways to Build a Killer Retail Display for Your Shop

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Creating a display in your store that is attractive and functional is one major way to help bring new customers into your store. It’s the easiest way to display new products, advertise a new sale, or show off some items that you’re dying to get off of your shelves.

In order to bring in customers and have a successful business, you need to take the steps to creating attractive display stands. Let’s take a look at a few retail display ideas and a few ways in which you can create the perfect display racks for your business.

Create a Tool Box

Before you can even start building your retail displays, you need to have the tools to do so. Creating a box with things like tape, scissors, tape measure, razors, hammers, nails, and props that won’t be sold are great things to keep on hand. By keeping this in one place, you will easily be able to create the ideal display whenever you need it. You won’t have to run all around your store gathering items needed to make your creation. Everything will always be in the same place.


After you’ve gathered all of your tools, you need to figure out what you want from your custom retail displays. Come up with a theme. If you’re looking for some retail display ideas, think about the time of year in which you will be putting it up. Are you going to put the display up around the holidays? Think of incorporating stocking stuffers into the display for the customer that wants to get in and out of the shop quickly. Sticking with retail display ideas that revolve around holidays is an easy way to create a successful space.

Visiual Merchandising

Once you have come up with your ideas, it’s time to put everything into place. Now, there is a specific way to place your items. You must consider the size of the objects, as you will want to put the biggest items on first. You also need to think about what you want the focal point of your display to be. This will be helpful as it will be the central location for all of your other products to revolve around. Don’t forget the idea of simplicity, though. Remeber, less is more and too much can often look cluttered.

To have a successful business, taking steps to create a killer display will lead you toward your goal. Consider the steps listed above before creating your display and keep them in mind for any future projects.

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