3 Ways the Industrial Sewing Industry Impacts Your World

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While industrial sewing services aren’t exactly at the top of any trending lists right right, it isn’t wise to underestimate their importance. Believe it or not, industrial sewing techniques are used in a number of ways, and prove to be small but essential facets for a number of industries? Don’t believe us? Here’s three different ways that industrial textile cutting makes our modern world go round:

Movie Theater Chairs
There’s nothing quite like a night at the movies, right? Statistics agree, with approximately 62% of all adult Americans attending movies each year. But without a cushioned red seat to cozy up to with your massive bucket of popcorn, the experience would certainly be lacking. That’s why many theaters seek textile solutions in order to upgrade seats and make them a part of the movie viewing experience. Surveys show that consumers like theaters with upgraded seats. Given this knowledge, industrial sewing companies have their work cut out for them!

Airline Seats
Flying can be a pain if you’re uncomfortable. For that reason, commercial sewing companies have to ensure that the textiles used are both safe and of the utmost comfort-ability. In a recent poll, 30% of Americans said that comfortable seating is the biggest improvement than an airline could make. So if airlines are looking to snag more customers, the way to their hearts is through a cushy chair.

Car Seats for Children
Automobile textile sewing is extremely important because it’s not just about comfort: it’s about safety. And when it comes to children, this is especially pertinent. In fact, car seats reduce the risk of mortality for children by up to 70%. With out the right fabric and industrial fabric die cutting techniques, this would be a far more difficult task.

So what say you now? Do you see the importance of industrial fabric die cutting and sewing? Let us know what you think in the comments.