3 Reasons to Use Plane Advertising and 5 Ways to Make It Count

Airplane banners

Are you looking to raise awareness of your brand in a new way? Businesses have been using plane advertising banners for nearly 100 years. This kind of marketing was started in the 1920s. With as much as a 20% response rate, sky advertising has been a popular way to promote products and services. Pepsi promoted itself with about 2,225 messages done with skytyping that were flown over 48 U.S. states, Mexico, Cuba, Canada and South America, in 1940. If you are looking to do something different to get your message out, this may be it.

Reasons your business should consider plane advertising banners:

  1. It produces good results. People may not pat attention to print or even television and radio ads but they do pay attention to planes that fly by with a message or to messages that are written in the sky. When they look up and see plane advertising banners, they take notice and read the message. Research has shown that people remember the messages that are placed on these sky banners. The whole experience of looking at materials put on sky banners is memorable. As a consequence, this form of advertising gets results.
  2. This is a very cost effective form of advertising. Plane advertising banners give a lot of value for the money spent. The cost of creating the banners themselves is a one time cost and the price tag of the sky advertising company is not expensive and is much less costly than other forms of marketing and advertising.
  3. It is a more novel way to promote your business. Many forms of marketing and advertising have lost some of their impact because people have learned to tune those messages out. We are constantly bombarded with messages from advertisers and marketers. Plane advertising banners are different in that we do not see them every day. Therefore the novelty value alone makes this form of advertising more impactful.

How you can get the most from your plane advertising banners:

  1. Keep your message simple and short. While people will look up and read your banner, you still only have a limited number of words that can be on your banner. Make the colors vivid and the message short and simple. This is how to get people to remember what they read.
  2. Put your logo on your plane signs. Make sure you have scaled the logo to meet the dimensions of your plane advertising banners. You need your banner to have your logo to help you reinforce your branding efforts that you have going. All of your messaging needs to have your logo.
  3. Get great images and video. Hire a professional to go up in the plane with your banner and take photos and video of people looking up at your plane. You can use that video and those images in your other marketing efforts. You can use this on your website and for other banner advertising.
  4. Have fun with your plane adverting banner campaign. You can add an element on the ground to make the experience more of an event. If you fly your messages over a beach, you can add a wacky element by having someone in a gorilla suit wave at the plane as it goes by. This just adds a fun and new element to your campaign.
  5. Use those images taken from the air. After the flight, process those images you recorded with your camera and incorporate them into your print advertising. An aerial image speaks louder than words. Youandrsquo;ll increase your marketing impact by including aerial photos in your store and on the web.

It is hard to get and keep people’s attention these days. People are being constantly bombarded with television, radio, print and online adverting. For many internet users, the ads that pop up when we are looking at different websites do not even have the chance to get through. We have forgotten most of them without ever acknowledging them. When you use plane advertising banners, people who see them, respond differently. They stop and take notice. This is why adding plane advertising banners to your marketing campaign and branding efforts can really help grow your brand and raise awareness of your business.

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