3 Reasons to Seek Out The Best in Business Security Solutions

Surveillance video

Whether you?re a small-town business owner or the head of a public school, there?s always a need for some type security. It?s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that there?s no way you could be the victim of burglary, but it?s been known to happen the moment you let your guard down.

In fact, about 67% of burglaries can easily be prevented by the installation of video surveillance cameras. For many, the thought of having alarm systems on the premises can feel like giving into the fear of a break-in. In reality though, installing top-notch business security solutions is one of the smartest decisions you could make for your building.

If you?re not quite convinced that commercial security systems are the answer you?re looking for, here are the top three reasons why business security solutions come highly recommended by professionals:

  1. Security Surveillance Deters Potential Burglars

    There have been many times that having video surveillance cameras on the property has been enough to keep thefts from occurring. A study was done in which 83% of convicted thieves said that they would try to confirm if an alarm system was installed before moving forward with the break-in. If an alarm system was located, the entire operation could be called off. This also applies to spontaneous burglaries, where over 50% of would-be burglars have stated that they would completely halt the break-in the moment alarm systems were discovered.
  2. Police Response to Alarm Systems

    While there have been numerous instances of false alarms, local police will always do their best to respond the moment an alarm goes off at a business, school, or commercial property. In a recent study, it?s been found that an average of 38 million alarm activations are responded to by the police per year and about 94 to 98% of those are false alarms. This just goes to show the amount of commitment officers have toward their communities, as it takes a full 20 minutes and two policemen to thoroughly investigate each case.
  3. High Quality Alarm Systems Can?t be Beat

    Whether you?re installing a business security camera system or getting automated systems put in at each access point, it goes without saying that virtually all types of high quality alarm systems are better than having none at all. The peace of mind that comes with knowing your business is secure is unbeatable. Plus, once you get commercial security systems professionally installed, you always have access to an expert on the product in case any questions come up.

Do you know of any additional reasons why it?s important to consider business security solutions? Let us know!

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