3 Reasons to Choose an Integrated Alarm System

For business owners, their companies are often their main source of income. Therefore, it’s important to take every measure to ensure that your business remains protected. Considering that, it’s wise to protect your business with a commercial security system. However, not all types of commercial alarm systems are created equal. With that in mind, here are three important benefits of integrated alarm systems.

  1. Protecting Your Business Against Theft

    Whether you own a retail business or office space, thieves can cause major damage to any of these locations. In fact, statistics show that 38% of inventory shrink is directly attributed to shoplifting. Thieves don’t only cost your business money by stealing items, break ins often result in costs associated with structural damage. Therefore, business owners who choose integrated alarm systems often find they save large amounts of money throughout the year.
  2. A Multi Layered Security Approach

    If you’re wanting to protect your business, standard alarm systems aren’t going to provide the most peace of mind. If you opt for video surveillance systems, you’ll be unable to hear what’s going on. Audio intrusion alarms will detect sound changes, but won’t record video. On the other hand, integrated alarm systems offer both audio and video detection. In turn, integrated alarm company employees are able to get a clear understanding of what causes client alarm activations.
  3. Eliminating the Problem of False Alarms

    Many business owners experience the stress and panic that comes with an alarm activation. This often happens while your business is closed. You receive a notification call and quickly arrive at your business, only to find it was nothing but a false alarm. In fact, statistics show that anywhere between 94-98% of alarms are falsely activated. Fortunately, integrated alarm systems help business owners solve this extremely annoying problem. With fewer calls for false alarms, you’ll likely be able to spend much more time relaxing instead of worrying.

To summarize, there are several advantages of protecting your business with integrated alarm systems. Implementing this type of alarm system enables you to have peace of mind while avoiding the losses associated with break ins. Statistics show that more break ins take place during the last two weeks of the year than any other time. Therefore, it’s wise to contact an integrated alarm company before the holidays arrive.