3 Methods to Help Fireproof Your Apartment

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Fire protection is a very real concern that many apartment tenants have to worry about. A fire can happen at any time, and the resulting damage is often devastating. However, many fires can be prevented with a little bit of effort. Here are 3 quick tips on how to fireproof your living space.

Check The Alarms

Most state laws require that landlords install a fire alarm system to provide with 24 hour fire alarm monitoring. If you do not have a fire alarm or smoke detector in your apartment, inform your landlord that you need one. If you do have apartment fire alarms, be sure to periodically conduct fire alarm inspections to ensure your smoke alarms are all functioning properly, and be sure to replace the batteries as often as it is needed.

Keep an Eye on Electricity Use

Electrical short circuits are one of the leading causes of house and apartment fires. These short circuits can occur when you electrical wiring has been overloaded, or sudden spikes of electricity from a lightning storm. Surge protectors are one of the best methods of fire protection, as they have a safety mechanism that will shut off the power should the circuits become overloaded. Make sure to turn off any appliances after you have used them, and try not to overcrowd an outlet.

Get a Fire Extinguisher

Every home and apartment should have at least one small fire extinguisher. In the event of a fire, fire extinguishers can greatly reduce the amount of damage done to your property, and may even save your life. It’s important to keep fire extinguishers at hand, preferably in places prone to fires such as the stove, fireplace, or any place where a lot of electricity is being used.

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