3 Incredible Benefits of Flexible Plastic Packaging

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The days of the milkman going door to door with glass jars of milk are far behind America. Technology is rapidly advancing everywhere you look, and the way we look at food and beverage packaging is no exception to the rule.

The premium in industrial packaging products, plastic flexible packaging solutions have revolutionized the way we send and receive a multitude of goods. The advantages of using flexible packaging are endless, and more industries are beginning to realize them by the day. Here are three of the best reasons your company should be switching to flexible plastic for all your packaging needs:

    Saves space. The spacial volume used by up bulky glass jars or aluminum packaging is costing your company valuable money. For example, in order to transport equal amounts of a product in glass jars and flexible plastic packaging, you would need 26 truckloads and 1 truckload, respectively. Think about the other ways you company could use the money you save from 25 extra trucks. You can’t afford not to switch to flexible packing.

    Lightweight. In addition to saving space on your trucks, flexible packaging is also extremely lightweight and easy to transport. It requires just under 2 pounds of flexible plastic to deliver 10 gallons of a liquid. Compare this to aluminum packaging, which would require 3 pounds of material to deliver the same amount of liquid. Your investment in flexible packaging will save you tons of money in delivery costs that are often tied into truck space used as well as the weight of the product being transported.

    Business is booming. Speaking of money, the flexible packaging industry is stronger than ever before, and it shows no signs of letting up. The market is set to grow by about $26 million in just a few years, reaching $100 million by the year 2018. More and more people are seeing the tremendous benefits of investing in flexible packaging, and for good reason. As the world begins to place more of a focus on saving time and money in transporting goods, upgraded packaging is the first thing industries begin to look at.

Find a qualified plastic packaging company and see for yourself how much money and effort you can save when transporting goods. Do a little research on your own and learn even more of the endless reasons to make the switch to flexible plackaging.

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