3 Daily Uses For Plastic Jars

There are many plastic jar uses that everyday people don’t realize. For the average American, the only thing that matters is the product inside. In fact, in America, people use 2.5 million plastic bottles or jars an hour. There is a high demand for these containers, making it a huge industry, the third largest to be exact. Plastic is light, easily molded, and inexpensive. Plastics are the best choice for manufacturing, as only 2 pounds worth of plastic can hold 10 gallons worth of liquid. You would need over 4 times the amount of steel to hold that much, and 20 times the amount of glass. Plastic packaging is a hot commodity for a reason, as millions of people are using it daily for several things and throughout many activities.

1. Condiments

One of the most popular plastic jar uses are food condiments. Chances are that you have a few in your fridge or pantry containing mayonnaise, mustard, dips, and even pickles. You may also go shopping to replace these every few months as well. Food containment and freshness is definitely the top plastic jar uses, as these are items that people across the United States use daily.

2. Cosmetics

Makeup, skin, and hair products make up a lot of plastic jar uses. Many people have several plastic jars for each type of product they use daily. Moisturizers, lip balms, hair gels, and several makeup products primarily come in jar form. Daily products get a lot of use, meaning that a person is likely to buy more very soon. It’s estimated that the world uses 600 billion pounds worth of plastic each year.

3. Small equipment

Many plastic jar uses are for many small things that are easily lost. This could be screws, bolts, beads, buttons, and other small bulk items. These are usually things that people work with on a daily basis, either professionally or as a hobby. Either way, people needs these items frequently to complete projects, which makes the demand for plastic jars go up.

All in all, there are several plastic jar uses that many people do not even realize. Plastic is a large part of our lives and the production for it is massive. Modern times have made nearly everything disposable, meaning that many people simply throw away these jars after using up the contents. This results in an astronomical amount of plastic waste that occupies landfills and the ocean. Plastic waste is harmful for wildlife and the rest of the environment. While mass plastic production is a large part of the economy and a big reason why costs in modern society are affordable and fast, there needs to be action in order to prevent mass waste.

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