13 Ways to Improve Your Signage

Signage is one of the most important things in your store. The average consumer gets exposed to about 3,000 ads in a day, so how can you make sure that your ad stands out and gets the attention it deserves? And when it only takes a buyer about three to seven seconds to make a decision about buying something, how can you grab that precious attention with your wall mount sign holder and creative retail display ideas?

Make it Quality

High-quality photos and well-designed ads on quality paper get and keep attention. Consumers know when the ad they’re looking at is poor quality, even if that doesn’t register on a conscious level. The better the quality of what you’ve put in that wall mount sign holder, the more likely they are to respond to it.

Distribute Effectively

The ads need to reach the targeted segment that you’re looking to reach. If you’re advertising your newest gluten-free offerings, don’t put your floor sign holder advertising it in the aisle with the bread.

Don’t Sell it Too Hard

Eye tracking research has confirmed over and over again that people don’t like it you make them feel as if they’re being persuaded to do something. When the logo for a brand is too prominent, people quickly turn off and look away. Your branding is important, but keep it subtle. People know they’re in your store; you don’t have to assault them with the fact every time they look up at a wall mount sign holder.

Surprise, But Don’t Shock

When people are shocked, they get upset and that’s all they remember. When they’re surprised, they experience a feeling of delight and are ready to react to what they’ve seen. They might even be ready to pass it on to others.

Don’t Forget a Call to Action

Once you’ve gotten the attention you want, you need to convert it into something. Tell consumers what you want them to do, but don’t command them or insult their intelligence. Suggesting and persuading are always better than forceful pushing.

Create Positive Feelings

While mild scare tactics can be good in some cases, a positive emotion, if you can create one, is always more effective in the end.

Don’t Overload Your Sign

It’s always tempting to put too much junk on your sign. That just makes it confusing and your consumers are likely to turn off. Keep your words few and say as much as you can with pictures.

Stay Personal

Personal appeals are always more attractive than generic ones. The more you can tailor the message to the target demographic, the more likely what’s in your lobby sign holder will stand out.

Create a Fear of Missing Out

You can still do this while creating a sense of positive joy. People don’t like to miss out on something, and millennials in particular feel a sense of loss when they aren’t doing what their friends or those they respect are doing.

Offer Hope

People buy things for a lot of different reasons, but one of the reasons we make purchases is because we want our lives to improve in some way or other. We want to look better, be healthier, or get smarter. Make sure you show how this can happen with the product or service you’re advertising.

Help People Feel Proud of a Good Decision

People are more likely to act if they feel that their action is commendable. Find a way to show that people ought to be proud of the decision to choose your product.

Always Include an Ending

No offer should go on forever. It’s important that consumers feel that there’s an urgent need to respond to what you’re advertising. Offer deep discounts, but only for a day. Offer a lighter discount, but only for a week. Make sure start and end dates are clear and that all the information is simple to understand.

Get a Second Opinion

When you think your ad is perfect, find someone outside the situation and ask them to look at it. What’s their impression? Do they want to know more, or do they think it’s not working a second glance? Is it communicating what you think it is?

Your picture display stand and wall mount sign holder say a lot. Make sure they’re saying what you want them to say.

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